1. SgtChase

    Starting FJ60 thats been sitting issues.

    We turned this FJ60 over for the first time in 4 years yesterday, it has New fuel pump/filter Restored gas tank New fuel lines Professionaly redone carb New coolant lines New vacuum lines Blocked off carb heater Idles like poo, fuel cut off solenoid wont work so we have it bypassed on. Only...
  2. jamesurq

    Triad Meeting - August 1st - Bad Daddy's Burger Bar - 6:30

    It's that time again! Next week is the first Tuesday of the month. As promised, the location is on the west side of our region. I did just find out that Bad Daddy's is a chain. So, in my opinion we should find somewhere else for next time that's truly local. I'm not a fan of sending my...
  3. Scoin

    Bad amp channel?

    I replaced the speakers with Memphis audio component speakers for the front and 2 ways in the rear. Prior to replacing them the drivers side rear was very low and distorted, I thought it was just the speaker but the new one does the same thing. I made sure I wired it right. Is it possible the...
  4. IBFJ62

    What would a 'bad' lifter sound like??

    I'm curious what are the signs of a bad lifter, I'm trying to track down what seems like more valve train noise than what I would expect in a recently rebuilt motor. Sounds find at idle and revving while I'm under the hood, pretty much like a throaty tractor, but I'm hearing 'something' when...
  5. I

    Bad coolant leak

    can someone give me some help I have a bad coolant leak on my 93. It seems to be coming from towards the back of the engine. On my old 99 there was a small t fitting if I remember correctly that was the usual culprit. You mud guys sent me what I needed and was able to get the part from a...
  6. F

    FJ60 Power Steering pump with bad leak

    My power steering pump in my '83 FJ60 has a significantly bad power steering leak. It is so bad that when it completely runs out of fluid and I try to refill it, it runs straight through it in about 3 or 4 days. I'm wondering whether or not it is best to have the pump rebuilt or just purchase...
  7. Lil'John

    Is it possible to sand/polish through bad second paint job to original?

    Title basically states it. I have a 68 Mustang with a 35 year old "bad" second paint job that I wanted to get back to the original paint job. There are a couple of spots of original "bleeding" through. My original thought was to just go to a body shop and get it painted back to original. But...
  8. drew151

    I painted my locking hubs red today. . . Not bad

    I've always wanted my locking hubs to be red so I painted them today. I don't think it turned out bad. I figured it couldn't make it look any worse. It took me about 30 mins and cost me about 50 cents.
  9. PabloCruise

    Tech Stream Bummer - Bad Disc

    Just got my Tech Stream in the mail - disc has some serious defects in it. I would like to use this today - any reputable places to download the drivers?
  10. Seth Derrick

    For Sale  1996 FJ80 - Bad Bottom End

    So...some of you may have seen that this 80 was for sale a few months ago. I got a torrent of interest but no solid bites. I'm kinda glad it didn't sell because since then it's developed a bad bottom end knock. So before I try and part it out I thought I'd see if anyone wanted to make an offer...
  11. H

    Parting Out  91 FJ80 bad motor North Texas 75028

    I bought this truck to steal the interior out of, it is mostly complete, and has the seats out of my 94 in it now. was running/driving a few years ago, but the motor is now locked up, all electrical components were tested and working, trans should be good, brakes and steering feel solid. I will...
  12. MDarius

    Solutions for bad clear coat

    So, I picked up a 92 to fix and flip and the clear coat on the hood and fender flares is terrible. I know some people black out the hood. That's kind of a niche market for whether people like it or not. Aside from an expensive commercial repaint, what other solutions are out there? What else...
  13. H2o

    87 Delux pickup with bad frame

    I have an 87 mini truck that has a rotted out frame. The rear passenger spring hanger ripped off the frame at an event two years back. I am looking at options, either reinforce the frame, or cutting off behind cab and splicing another frame. Has anyone grafted another vehicle frame to the rear...
  14. Sanchez

    Bad bushing on Slee LCAs UPDATE

    Well this just happened. I purchased the Slee LCAs sometime last August and just a few weeks ago i noticed a clunk underneath my feet. After further inspection I found out that the rubber part of the bushing had broken loose from the metal and the control arm is just sliding back and forth...
  15. BrooklynFJ80

    P0401 fix leads to bad stutter

    So I did all the work needed. See previous post 'this is what p0401 code looks like'. Idle now struggling and not smooth as before. Truck readjusting to more airflow? Should I disconnect computer and rehook up? Amy other ideas?
  16. YodatheLC

    My Hundies gotta bad knock, help!

    I recently had my steering rack and CV Boots replaced. The other day I was in Drive, foot on the brake and this loud knocking started happening. Sound was coming from engine bay or under it. Does not continue to knock if in park or neutral. Any ideas???
  17. F

    How bad is this rust?

    How bad would you rate this rust? It's the only pic I have but gojng to see the car in person this week. It's an 03 LX. Looks crusty to me.
  18. Wayne

    Pros and cons on Harbor Freight's 12,000 lbs Bad Land winch

    Harbor Freight has a sale going and the Bad Land winch is one of the items. I'm interested in hearing from my Mud brothers concerning this winch. Pros and cons. 12000 lb. Off-Road Vehicle Electric Winch with Automatic Load-Holding Brake
  19. thebigredrocker

    Bad idle solenoid rebuild

    Well it's not much of a rebuild, but I took apart my malfuntioning I.S. and got it working. Perhaps this has been documented. Drill out the 3 dimples holding the cover on. To remove the cover I clamped one of the mounting ears in a vise. I then used channel lock waterpump pliers to wiggle...
  20. A

    For Sale  FJ60 and FJ40 Odds and Ends

    Hello, I have the following for sale, prices do not include shipping. 1980 FJ60 Parts Manifold Set - $200 OEM Carb - $100 Air Rail - Less than 300 miles - $200 Smog Hoses - $25 each Chrome hubcap set - $100 shift knob - $10 Shift fork and new throw out bearing - $75 New Clutch plate - $40...
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