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  1. DoubleNickels

    FREE GONE. 2F Air Cleaner, Boise

    GONE GONE GONE, no longer available. Hey there. I have a 2F Air cleaner in pretty darn good shape. Here in Boise, free to anyone local and all others just need to pay shipping. Interested? Lemme know! -Calvin PS: also looking for a 2F motor hook, should you feel generous ;)
  2. J

    Wanted Inlet clamp

    I’m looking for an inlet clamp for my FJ40. Anyone have a clamp they are willing to sell? Jeff
  3. J

    Air Cleaner Refurb/Seals

    I’m finishing refurbishing my 1977 FJ40 OEM air cleaner. All seals are no longer available from Toyota. I did some searching and found that most people address the seal around the edge of the air cleaner cover with little mention of the seals on the top and bottom of the filter itself. To me it...
  4. pjohnson

    Wanted 1965 F Engine Oil Bath air cleaner - FOUND

    Gathering parts for a 1965 FJ45 restoration. Looking for a single barrel oil bath air cleaner for a D40 carb. Post here or PM. Thanks.
  5. Big Cruiser Guy

    Can I make a replacement hose? DIT

    The air cleaner intake hose (Toyota part 17751) on my 1986 FJ60 is shot. Haven't been able to track one down so far. Has anybody made their own replacement hose? It looks super simple, just wanted to see if anybody has any advice. Thanks
  6. J

    FZJ80 Clogged air filter sensor and Indication

    Ok Ih8mud guys, this is my first thread ever on this forum and actually on any forum, so please be nice if I have screwed something up. I have been reading a lot on this forum and thought its time to do my part, so here it goes. I own a 1996 Fzj80 triple locked, I love this car (ex range rover...
  7. Krondor

    Wanted Air Cleaner for single barrel carb

    I am looking for a paper element air cleaner that would fit an SD40 carb.
  8. I

    For Sale Fj40 parts. Mostly early

    Check out what I have left: Barn doors, headlight bucket assembly, license plate holder, 2f repair manual, 2 styles of bottle jack brackets and early jack crank arm brackets, wiper motor and assembly (not sure if land cruiser), battery tray w/support arm, restored air intake breather, steering...
  9. Nifski

    Wanted Bottom air cleaner 1977 FJ40

    I have a top but need the bottom , cleaner the better with minimal rust. Located in AZ
  10. Nifski

    Wanted 2f air cleaner bottom

    Need complete bottom and intake neck, I have a top. Surface rust ok. Pm me
  11. Willard

    What is this air cleaner from?

    Ok Cruiser heads. what is this Air Cleaner from? I bought it a while ago and was going to use it for my Snorkel conversion. but as i am not interested in cutting a hole in my fender at this time I am on the fence on selling it. Before i decide, what engine did it go with? I am assuming a Diesel.
  12. tls3601

    Air cleaner housing to top of carb orientation..................

    So my intake on my '78 is bone stock, but I have noticed that there is more of a gap on the back side of my carb/air cleaner housing than there is on the front where the top of the housing meets the gasket. I do not believe my housing is tweaked but with this extra gap on the backside I have...
  13. Kilgore

    Air Cleaner Restoration

    Is the a vendor that can take an air cleaner down to bare mental, fix and weld the holes and powder coat?
  14. kevos37

    For Sale FJ40 Air Cleaner 3/69-6/69/ Norcal

    I have a air cleaner for a 3/69-9/69 (thanks was on a 67) It is a dry type filter. I'm asking $65 plus shipping. Thanks Kevin
  15. tat2matt

    Wanted air cleaner assembly and throttle linkage

    Shipped to 80503. Thanks 2f fj60
  16. J

    Wanted Air Cleaner Bracket

    Looking for front OEM air cleaner bracket for my 1977 FJ40. See picture below. Thanks! Jeff
  17. G

    Wanted Non US fj45 air cleaner

    Looking for the correct air cleaner to go with my fj45 troopy like the one pictured. If anyone has one or knows of one for sale please let me know!! Thanks!
  18. BFletch

    SOLD 2f Air Cleaner housing

    2f air cleaner housing off Mar/1976 FJ40. Top has been bead blasted and repainted, bottom was started to be redone before I figured out my 2f is toast. $100 plus shipping. Located at 57703 I have other 2f parts also.
  19. tls3601

    Air Cleaner Housing, gaskets NLA

    SO to my horror, my brothers 1976 air cleaner housing upper and lower gaskets 17841-61010 are not only missing but no longer available:(. These are the identical gaskets that rest right below and right above the OEM filter element. What are people using? I would appreciate any input on this...
  20. roma042987

    For Sale Bj40 bj42 air cleaner SOLD

    powder coated housing, replated hasps, and new Toyota wing nut. 200 plus shipping.
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