1. urist

    Intro & AHC Question

    Intro Hey folks. Long time lurker and recent purchaser of an '03 LX 470 in great condition. Rides incredibly well, handles well, and powertrain is in fantastic shape (surprise?). I can actually still pull 17 MPG on the interstate...no cruise control, of course. :^) As far as the dealer knew...
  2. A

    AHC Lean

    After walking away from this for some time due to life getting in the way, I really want to find a solution for my lean. Ive noticed MANY LX around town exhibiting the exact same drivers side lean. I look at all of them i see... Its mostly 2016+ but ive seen it on all years even LC. Ive tried...
  3. luckylx

    Wanted  Slee AHC override height controller - I’d like to purchase

    Shot in the dark: Does anyone have a “”Slee AHC override height controller”” they would be willing to sell me? Newbie to ih8mud. Recently purchased an LX470 with 105k miles. Excited! I’m going to use the AHC until it breaks and then upgrade to traditional suspension. I’m aware of the ability...
  4. Chibu

    AHC does not exist but was never deleted?? Help?!

    Ok, first post on this site. I (my dad) have a first-hand, dealership-bought 2000 LX470 with 113k miles on it, everything is all well and good until we get to a speed bump in the road, if I drive over it going anything above 10 miles per hour, the car bounces HARD and you can hear the front...
  5. C

    Bouncy AHC. Can I check health of system before trying replacing globes?

    I got a new 2004 LX470 and it came with a bouncy rear end. I know the accumulators need replacing. I want to keep the AHC system (I like the ride) if I can and want to know if there's a way to check/inspect the rest of the system for issues before I decide if I want to replace the rear globes or...
  6. X

    2008 Lexus LX 570 Build Xhrix123

    Hello Everyone, I am building out my 2008 LX570 and thought it would be a good place to consolidate into a build thread. About the LX. 2008 LX 570 Silver with light grey interior. 160,000 Texas miles at the time of purchase and was in very good cosmetic condition in and out. Everything...
  7. J

    11 LX dashboard lit up like its X-mas

    Purchased a 2011 LX in January 2021, did a 60k mile service upon purchase even though it had 77k miles on it and replaced the AHC pump and she was back to new. Last weekend I had my mechanic replace the brakes and rotors, with stoptech's and BFGoodrich stainless steel brake lines, while I...
  8. ParaJake

    Quick question about AHC ride with extra weight

    Hey guys, I have a 2006 land cruiser and I like the ride on it for the most part but I feel I may be missing out on something due to having AHC problems. Everyone says the land cruisers ride like clouds, but its not all THAT smooth to me. It rides pretty good, but only slightly better than my...
  9. AHC Fluid

    AHC Fluid

    FSM spec for AHC fluid
  10. I

    Ride Rotten - Think I know the cause, need advice

    Hi there, I have an 2006 Lexus LX470 that I am selling to my dad for more rugged use than my daily city driving. But there are a few issues I want to fix prior to handing it off to him: The ride is abhorrent and is like sitting on an AK-47 The AHC system seems to be auto-correcting on the...
  11. G

    98 LX470 owner looking for AHC deletion mechanic or shop in LA

    My 98 LX 470 recently hit a 178K and I am seeing the early signs of another major haul for suspension. The front struts are beginning to sweat. If history repeats, the front accumulators will soon go and then the back struts and accumulators will follow. The last time the system went bad was...
  12. M

    Measure AHC Pressures with Airbags

    Spent all day installing a set of Firestone airbags and 30mm spacers on the 99 LX470. Saw a lot of feedback about the Air Lift bags going through the bottom, so just turned the Firestone bags upside down and seems to work so far unless I’m missing something about why they would need to run out...
  13. V

    AHC fluid line bracket Bolt size ? (trying to undelete AHC system)

    Greetings all, In short I would like to know the size of the bolt and nut that ties the fluid line to the bracket on top of the shock ( see attachment marked in blue) I have recently bought an lc100 VXR (VXR is the top trim level here in GCC ) with AHC system, The shocks failed when the...
  14. imdek

    One more AHC trouble thread

    Guys, I've done a lot of searching, but still can't understand where the failure is. LC 2004, with VGRS and AHC. Couple of weeks ago I realised, that the car drives very rough. That's not my daily driver, so maybe the issue progressed longer ago and I just didn't pay attention to it. Anyway, it...
  15. J

    2011 Lexus LX570 AHC Pump Issue?

    I recently purchased a 2011 LX570 with 77k miles and a clean Carfax (no accidents, 2 owner) in Fayetteville Arkansas, at Honda of Fayetteville sight unseen as I live in Tampa, FL. I requested a full 60k mile service be completed as I wanted to hit the reset button on all service and to ensure...
  16. G

    For Sale  4 OEM Toyota AHC Globes

    4 OEM Toyota AHC Globes purchased from eBay less than two weeks ago. Too many parts of my system need replacing, so I am switching to a conventional setup. Globes have less than 100 miles on them. I paid $965, asking $800.
  17. O

    AHC Relay Missing

    So I just got my 1999 LX470 and found out that the AHC doesn't work. Once I got it home I checked the fuses and they were good. But under the hood found that the relay was missing for the system. Is there any reason they might have taken it out besides them not wanting to use it? and I dont know...
  18. G

    For Sale  AHC Parts (Washington State)

    Hello, I have an assortment of AHC parts I will be selling from two different vehicles. **ALL PARTS SOLD AS IS** 2000 LX470 with 185k miles -All Four AHC Globes (Getting 8-9 gradations, rough ride, probably need to be recharged) $50 for all four + Shipping -All Four Accumulator’s (the part the...
  19. G

    LX470 Suspension Opinion

    I have a 2000 LX470 with 185k miles that I inherited from my father. Ive been getting everything up to date with maintenance, and the suspension is something I just kind of forgot about until now. My mom has a 2006 LC that has an OME Medium kit on it, and I noticed that my LX was driving rougher...
  20. hiikk

    Land cruiser 100 AHC problem

    Hi all, Lately i have problem with my AHC suspension. I can go up and down between Low and Neutral. But not able to go from Neutral to High. After i press the H button, it blink for few seconds then stop blinking. I also found out that the suspension is very stiff. When the car landing down...
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