1. tzyz

    Home made lx470 AHC over ride

    So I finally bought a 2005 LX470, really wanted a land cruiser but they are a lot more expensive. Anyway, I didn't want the AHC suspension but now that I have the LX I want a way to keep in in High if I want to. Researched and all I found was a Slee over ride switch which they no longer make. I...
  2. LndXrsr

    The ABCs of AHC - How to Measure, Flush, and Adjust all in one place

    I initially put this in the Definitive list of AHC maintenance items thread, but at almost 800 posts long and growing, it's going to get buried and the thread itself is very unwieldy. In an attempt to make as focused a summary as possible, I present "The ABCs of AHC." It's intended as a...
  3. suprarx7nut

    Builds  The YotaMD Build - Cypress

    This may as well be titled "The LX that 'Mud Built" because without the Mud community support of YotaMD this would not exist. So I offer an upfront and sincere "Thank You!" to you awesome folks that support your community vendors like YotaMD. Now, let's dive into the fun stuff. 2006 LX470 in...
  4. LakinoFR

    AHC on a Loaded LC200 - HELP Please

    Hi there, I have a 2008 LC200 and I am planning to prepare it for overlanding trips. I am considering adding Front and Rear ARB Bars (70 and 90 Kgs respectively) + Roof Tent (approx 80 Kgs) + Auxiliary LRA Fuel Tank (another 100kgs when filled). My LC200 is equipped with AHC (2'' sensor lift...
  5. Chaldaean

    Check 4-Wheel AHC System - Displayed Once, Now Cleared

    I fired up the truck in 30F weather and the "Check 4-Wheel AHC System" warning displayed. The warning has not re-appeared after multiple subsequent starts. I'm hesitant to ask this question as there may be too many possibilities, but is there a "common" thing I should check? At this point...
  6. K

    2004 LX470 front right suspension stuck on low

    Turned right into a parking lot today and the front right suspension got stuck in the low position. Other 3 corners look to be in high mode. I parked and tried to lower/raise the suspension, but doesn’t move (light just blinks). The VSC is also stuck in the off position. Anyone have any ideas...
  7. Rick Kane

    Bouncy AHC!

    New to the forum and looking to tap into all of your generous advice and expertise! I’ve got a 2006 Land Cruiser with 112K miles on it, purchased in 2013. Vehicle has been great except for AHC issues. Took it down to Ecuador with me for a few years and in 2015 the front end just dropped when...
  8. M

    When to add spacers/replace springs for AHC?

    New owner here and trying to do preventive maintenance of the AHC To lengthen lifespan. It’s an 06 with ~140k miles on it so hopeful that by doing all this I can get a few more years out of it before maybe deleting. I did the fluid flush and have the torsion bars ready to turn, but the front and...
  9. aphil

    Help Diagnosing AHC issue

    Hey! So I just picked up my (new to me) '99 LX470 with 167,000 miles a few days ago. When I did the test drive everything on the AHC seemed to work fine, but i'm starting to notice some irregularities with it and after much reading I'm thinking it has to do with the pump but not totally sure...
  10. L

    Everything seems to be breaking, Help!

    I have a 2006 Lx470 with over 250k that seems to have everything breaking in it! The steering column and rack are worn out and need replacing, the A/C compressor just blew out, and the center locking diff locked up on it's own when my wife was driving it. She drove all day long on the...
  11. Cobbs

    AHC Help with Diagnosis

    2006 LX470. AHC seems to work, it will go into H and back into N but won't stay. It even reverts during the same trip. If I stop for 5 minutes it's back in N. I know, there are a ton of threads on AHC but I don't have time to sift through them all to find answers. This is my first 100 and...
  12. P

    Changing Shock and bleeding system.

    Hi all. I am new to the forums and just want to fix my moms car. I have an 2002 LX470 that the PS shock went out. Is there anyone that has the FSM sections (Scanned or a pdf somewhere) for the replacing the shock and then bleeding the system? I saw PADDOS post on bleeding the system, will it...
  13. Stricmic000

    AHC rough ride, with readouts from ecu

    Graduation test shows only 8 bars, the fluid has 20k miles on it, rear springs are OEM from 1999 and torsion bars have never been cranked. The ride has been getting significantly harsher in the last 15k miles and I have No leaks anywhere on the system (struts, accumulators and globes, pump)...
  14. IndroCruise

    What scanner for 2006 Landcruiser Sahara turbodiesel with AHC??

    I would like to check front and rear AHC pressures with a scanner and without the complications of attaching pressure gauges anywhere. First, I need to discover whether my Australia-delivered June 2006 Landcruiser 100 Sahara (similar to VX) with 1HD-FTE six cylinder 4.2 litre turbodiesel and...
  15. Christian

    High as a kite, hard as a rock! (Yes AHC again...)

    Hi guys! I have a 2001 VX100 1HD-FT diesel with 300,000 miles on it. I've owned it for two years and love the comforts over the HJ61 it replaced. But the AHC is acting up! I don't want to go conventional, I want to keep the AHC. AFAIK everything except height sensors are original, and I know...
  16. ishore33

    AHC/AVS Advice

    OK - need some advice on how to proceed with the AVS/AHC on my new to me 2008 LX. I just purchased my LX a couple days ago, and before I did I had some concessions made in pricing due to apparent AVS/AHC leak. (It's a 2008 with 113k, full Lexus service history). Based on pulling the service...
  17. bonestock

    For Sale  2002 LX470 OEM AHC Torsion Bars - Chattanooga, TN

    Removed when AHC system was replaced with LC suspension. Perfect condition from what I can tell. Removed at 150k miles. Prefer local pickup but will ship on buyers dime. $50 + the ride.
  18. C

    lx470 Suspension feels loose

    This forum has been extremely helpful, I learned everything I know about Landcruiser from here. so thank you to everybody who contributes to this forum!!! I have a unique situation, I currently have two 2001 LX470, yes two identical ones, one with 174,xxx miles and one with 170,xxx miles. The...
  19. S

    For Sale  AHC PARTS - Accumulators

    2000 Lexus LX470 condition: excellent Nothing at all wrong with these parts. Removed for install of OME lift kit. - 2 front accumulator globes - 2 rear accumulator globes - motor I also have the fluid reservoir/ pump that I will include. All work excellent, nothing wrong with them, I removed...
  20. S

    SOLD  AHC Components /Accumulators LX470

    SOLD AHC Components. These came off my 2000 LX470 2 front, 2 rear accumulator globes, motor All work excellent, nothing wrong with them, I removed them for OME Lift Kit. $450.00 for all, Plus shipping.
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