1. Kansas to Malawi

    AHC delete in Malawi

    I just purchased a 1999 Landcruiser 100 series. VIN/chassis # JT111TJA008011280 MODEL. HDJ100R-GNPEZW Engine # 1HDC180114 230,000 miles Not sure what country it is from. I think the UK. The AHC. is not working properly was wanted to replace with a more reliable aftermarket suspension...
  2. kengalbraith

    ACH line possibly blown? What can I expect?

    Hi All, 2011 LX 570 owner for about 6 months now. A few weeks ago, I got the 'Check ACH System' light and my ACH height went to Low and stayed there. Called my local mechanic, made an appointment (he was a month out at the time) for this Wednesday. Got sick of waiting, did a little research and...
  3. LonghornMudder

    For Sale ATX: New Slee AHC Over Ride Controller

    I have a (new, in original manufacturer packaging) Slee AHC override module that I'm not going to use. This is new - never installed. Looking for $125. I can ship this at your cost. Purchased in conjunction with some other Slee components, but went in a different direction with my suspension and...
  4. KCoverland

    Build: 2000 LX470, Our first foray into off-roading and Cruisers

    After lurking for a little while, I think it is time to finally get a build thread going to document all the changes we've made to the LX, but also to help others on the journey to building their dream trucks. Introduction to Cruisers: In the cold of January 2021, my wife Gigi and I were in...
  5. Y

    LX470, AHC lifts up in the front when coming to a complete stop.

    Hey, I've noticed my car lifts up in the front when I come to a complete stop. Why does the car do this? I would assume the car is more aerodynamic with rake right?
  6. K

    For Sale 100 series lx470 AHC suspension parts

    I have multiple AHC parts from a 2001 lx470. All parts worked when removed from the truck at around 240k miles. AHC pump and reservoir AHC height sensors Torsion bars and springs 2 front hydraulic rams(shocks) Globes and actuators(these are still on the truck, will have to remove these) Shoot...
  7. C

    Wanted Good working ahc rear globe for lx470

    Hello guys anyone has a used ahc rear globe laying around, please let me know. Thanks
  8. S

    For Sale OEM LX 570 AHC Pumps and Condensors, almost new, Less than 20 miles, MINT

    Up for sale is some parts off my LX570. Up for sale is some of the items from my conversion from AHC to normal suspension. So there a few items for sale. All of the items were installed and removed, so they might have less than 10-15 miles until the diagnosis of an electrical problem in the...
  9. M

    Unique AHC problem: no codes / no function

    I recently picked up a new to me 2002 LX470 at a very good price knowing that the AHC was non-functional. I have experience with the system, including using techstream to diagnose issues, but this one has me stumped. Symptoms: The vehicle is at approximately the correct ride height, but quite...
  10. K98LX

    AHC components from 99-02 compatible with 98 LX470?

    Hi All/ maybe @PADDO I have 98 LX470 that the rear AHC line just broke on. In anticpation of this moment I purchased an entire system from a fellow 100 owner that deleted his system. He drove a 1999. My mechanic is couldnt get the front shocks to fit so I checked and realized the par numbers...
  11. B

    I busted one of my AHC lines on my 07! Anyone have a used take off?

    Hey there! With some guidance from users here and a friend, I was able to diag my AHC system and found the culprit. It’s one of the hoses that comes out of the shock. One of the users on here “MycoManiac” made a very nice offer and idea of sending one of his used take offs. But just in case he...
  12. KCoverland

    AHC troubles, what’s my next step?

    Well, at this point I’ve gone though just about everything on the AHC system trying to chase down an issue that I can’t see. A couple weeks ago I had a rear axle overload issue, and it dropped into low (basically on the bump stops) and started flashing the AHC off light. On TechStream I am not...
  13. LonghornMudder

    For Sale Austin TX: 100-series stock suspension components + new AHC sensors

    2006 LX470 Stock equipment: torsion bars (2), $100 rear coil springs (2), $50 upper control arms (2), $50 - SOLD differential bracket (1), $50 accumulators $ (make offer), ride height switch $ (make offer), pump $ (make offer), reservoir $ (make offer) AHC sensors & linkage components (see...
  14. TheGateKeeper

    SOLD Los Angeles: 2009 LX570 - Black/Black w/ 158k miles - $36k

    2009 LX570 for sale in Black with Black Interior. It is has 158,492 miles, new BFG All-Terrain tires on TRD wheels, new brakes, 3rd row, navigation, and dvd system. New driver's seat bottom. It is current on maintenance, valley coolant plate is done, AHC works perfectly, roof basket, and has a...
  15. Chibu

    (Not Solved Anymore :/) New year, new problems. 2004 LX470 is a rolling pogo stick.

    It finally happened guys, I'm almost certain that the two front AHC Globes have s*** themselves and imploded and fluid is flowing unrestricted into the 2 front shock absorbers. Every bump in the road turns the entire front end of the car into a vibrator and getting out of the driver's seat after...
  16. yosshaa

    Techstream in Scottsdale/Tempe for AHC pressure

    Hey Copper crew, Looking for an east valley local who might be able to help me review my AHC pressures this next week (maybe even Sunday am?). Hoping one of you gents might have a techstream and an hour or two to help me review and adjust my AHC pressures. Happy to drive to you or even a flat...
  17. D

    LX 470/LC100 first-hand experience: Kings vs AHC (soft setting)?

    Hello! Question for anyone running Kings on their LX470/100 series, how does it compare to AHC? Specifically on the soft setting. I'm very fond of a smooth ride which the AHC offers even with globes that are on their way out and I was looking at alternatives that would give me something...
  18. Anthony611

    AHC Fluid flush gone wrong...

    Hey Guys, Just bought a 2000 LX470 with 263K miles and wanted to baseline all the fluids. I picked up some AHC fluid from two different Toyota dealerships (Magnusson's in Palo Alto, and Capitol Toyota - CA San Jose) as it was really hard to find. I did the flush following PADDO's method along...
  19. T

    For Sale Complete AHC system from 06' LX470 with 110K.

    Complete AHC system from LX470 with 110, 000 Miles. One line had to be cut, the rest are there and one of the front shocks was leaking when removed. All other components functioned as they should at time of removal. Below is a list of parts available: Will cut a deal if someone is interested...
  20. LivEviL

    AHC fluid contaminated

    Was trying to put on stiffer springs for my 570, (which didn't work with the AHC because they were too stiff), and I had to scavenge a quart of AHC fluid from a dealer 100 miles away. Refilling resevoir and had this at the bottom. WTF!?
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