1. FZJ8xero

    For Sale  SoCal FZJ80 Smog Parts PAIR Valve + EGR Valve + Interior Parts

    Hi folks, Up for sale are some FZJ80 parts. These were for my 93 that I no longer own. I believe someone with a 93-94 will benefit from these parts, if you need help passing smog. If you need to pass CA Smog, these are the parts you may need: PAIR + EGR Valve - $120 1FZ-FE AIR CLEANER FILTER...
  2. Omsok

    5 speed Transmission and 4WD switch Questions 1995 80 series 1HDT

    Hi all. I have a 1995 80 series with a 1HDT engine, and a 5 speed transmission. The transfer case 4WD is actuated by an electronic push button on the dash. Overall the vehicle is in excellent condition and I am very happy with it. Have not had occasion to use it in 4WD much, but that will be...
  3. Q

    SOLD  L

  4. O

    For Sale  Utah: 1991 80 Series Landcruiser

    Amazing rig for its age. 2” OME lift kit, 33” BF Goodrich off-road tires, snorkel, steel front bumper, steel rear bumper, new front brakes, recently had oil changed and new battery, new stereo. Has a full size spare tire mounted in the back, and a brand new set of winter tires. Text 435-659-8747
  5. bryce0225

    SOLD  SO CAL - Rhino Rack Pioneer Roof Rack - 80 Series

    Thinking about selling my Rhino Rack Pioneer setup currently installed on my 80 series. includes: 6 total gutter mounts for 80 series full rack with cross bars hilift / shovel carrier (not rhino rack but works great) it’s been on the truck for 4-5 years. Never had a problem. Never loaded with...
  6. K

    Another rust question... how much is too much?

    I have been trying to find something I can just drive out of the box in New England, which is a tall order considering the amount of salt we have here. Is this a manageable amount? How much might this be worth? https://boston.craigslist.org/gbs/cto/d/reading-1995-toyota-landcruiser/7096569134.html
  7. bryce0225

    Builds  DUKE - 1993 HDJ80 / 1HD-T / 5-Speed / 3x Locked / LHD *A slow DIY build / resto*

    I’ll start with the history of the truck and purchasing: The truck came from France and legend says it was used for a couple weeks every year to trip to Morocco and back. The owner in France was the original owner until he passed. His daughter sold it to the man which i bought it from in...
  8. kolbydmc

    SOLD  Houston, TX 1997 Lexus LX450 Triple Locked Clean/Semi built

    Up for sale is my DAILY DRIVEN 80 series LX450 Landcruiser. Yes, I drive this truck 500 miles a week with no hiccups. Selling because I have found another vehicle I want. This is absolutely one of the cleanest 80 series land cruisers out there. Asking SOLD Here is a list of details -...
  9. agf95

    Wanted  80 Series Rust Free Upper Rear Hatch/ Tailgate *in Black*

    I am located in Rhode Island, but I am willing to travel around the northeast/ east coast to pick up. If you're willing to ship (at my expense of course) that's even better. Thanks!
  10. J

    For Sale  Advice Needed: Thoughts on 1997 FJZ80 I found

    Hey Guys, Looking to purchase my first 80 Series. Found a used one, but hoping to get some advice before pulling trigger. The specs are as follows: 1997 FJZ80 ~220k miles Gray (was recently just painted) No lockers Doesn't appear that it has had any major modifications Front seats are worn...
  11. C

    Land Cruiser 60/61/62 or 80 for Offroading and Overlanding in Paraguay and South America?

    Hey guys (and gals), I am currently living in Paraguay, South America. There are many asian cars driving around here. Speaking of Toyota 4x4’s, there are lots of Toyota Hilux, Hilux Surf, Land Cruisers (of all models from the early J45’s to the new 200). I haven’t quite decided yet, whether...
  12. B

    For Sale  Turbo Diesel 80 Series 79k MILES, $16500, Located in Oregon

  13. haulin auss

    Wanted  96 FZJ80 RS3000 Wiring Harness

    Installing a new Viper unit in my cruiser and would like to modify an RS3000 harness to keep install easier. I'm specifically trying to source the T-connector for interrupting the ignition circuit and the plug from the driver's kick panel. Thanks, Kevin
  14. B

    For Sale  PRICE DROP Turbo Diesel 80 Series 79k Miles!

    79k miles. Runs great, clean, right hand drive, beautiful 80 series. Engine is spotless. $16,500 firm https://portland.craigslist.org/wsc/cto/d/hillsboro-93-turbo-diesel-toyota-land/7022690652.html
  15. Spencer Lerman

    Parting Out  Toyota Landcruiser FJ62 & FJ80 Partout Laughlin Nevada

    Parts pulled from a 1991 Toyota Landcruiser FJ80 with 3FE and A440F transmission. Fuel Tank $100 Fuel Tank Guard $100 3FE Engine $500 A440F Transmission $400 Gray Leather 3rd Row $200 Gray Cloth Second Row $150 Muffler $100 Gutted Cats $100 passenger side front fender(small dent) $100 Fender...
  16. B

    For Sale  Portland: '93 Turbo Diesel 80

    Craigs: https://seattle.craigslist.org/see/cto/d/hillsboro-93-turbo-diesel-toyota-land/7022695712.html
  17. B

    Advice on pricing of JDM Turbo Diesel 80 with low miles

    A buddy of mine owns a JDM dealership mostly dealing with drift type cars but tried his hand at purchasing a 80 series turbo diesel but has fallen on the back burner for him and I personally love the car but im not extremely knowledgable about the car. Basically, the rig is in front of my house...
  18. B

    For Sale  Portland: 80 series turbo diesel, low miles clean

  19. L

    1993 FZJ80 Rear Brake Caliper Replacement needed from local auto parts (AAP, Napa, AutoZone)

    hey everyone- I am in the process of replacing the rear brake pads on my rig and behold, the piston cut through the pad and dug into the rotor. It is not a pretty site. I do need to find a replacement rotor fast and would like to grab one at a local auto parts store. I am having a hard time...
  20. Kai Ongaro

    Replacing Valve cover gasket. Anything else?

    So my friend found a leak on the back of my valve cover and determined that I needed a new valve cover gasket. I've looked at the process and it seems pretty straight forward. Since I'm going to be opening everything up anyway, are there any other things that I should replace or clean if I am...
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