1. H

    Wanted  Mebane, NC. 97 LC triple locked , oak interior

    Master driver's window switch/lock bezel, Sliders, dual battery conversion parts, OEM Snorkel.
  2. Bshane

    For Sale  2 Third-Row Seats, ‘91-‘97 Land Cruiser FJ80, Beige

    ‘91-‘97 Toyota Land Cruiser fj80 pair of third-row seats. Beige leather, very good condition. See eBay listing; bids for pair start at $250, or buy now for $390: 91-97 Toyota land cruiser fj80 beige leather third row seats in very good shape | eBay - https://tinyurl.com/mzy98uzf
  3. S

    Wanted  Blaine, WA: 1 HD-T ACSD Blanking Plate, O-Ring and Hex Bolts

    ISO ACSD Blanking plate and required parts for my "new" HDJ81. I have searched, emailed and called multiple potential sources to no avail. Just trying to bomb-proof the old girl.
  4. ProbablyTheGuy

    Bowfin Rack with 50 inch Lightbar

    Just wanted to do a quick writeup of how we got a 50 inch Stage Series Diode Dynamics Lightbar on an 80 Series Bowfin Cruisers rack. I first want to thank James at Voodoo Cruisers for tackling this project and helping me make my idea come to life and then letting me document the process. The...
  5. medgardo88x2

    SOLD  Washington 1990 HDJ81

    Hate to see this go but I’m selling my 1990 1HDT Toyota Land-Cruiser Turbo-Diesel RHD 104k miles picture is in Kilometers My daily for the past couple years - 18-20mpg -Triple-locked Diffs, Stock works like a charm -paint in good condition -Reliable (its my daily)...
  6. D

    1997 80 series - issues starting

    This just happened last night and seeing as the shop near me is closed for the weekend I was hoping to maybe get some ideas on what may be the culprit. Have a 1997 80 series with ~230k miles. When I put the key in the ignition and turn it to the accessories, everything lights up and sounds fine...
  7. 2KCruiser

    eBay  1994 Land Cruiser 3xLocked Great Condition - Zero Rust 206k Miles - Up to date Maintenance

    Here's the link - 1994 Toyota Land Cruiser | eBay - https://www.ebay.com/itm/333841952071 Any questions, just ask. Thank you, John
  8. LS80Climb

    My LS2 Swapped Cruiser

    Hello everyone, I've been in the off-road game for a while now but mainly in lifted foresters. Last year I bought a sick manual 80 from Sydney with lots of goodies. Looking forward to hitting some harder tracks and lifting some wheels! I'm a 24year old gear head with a few turbo swaps under my...
  9. M

    Wanted  LX450

    I am looking for 1997 Lexus LX450 preferably in green or black but others as well, for restoration project. Stock vehicles preferred, no body damage, it must run and drive to get on trailer/container. up to 250k miles location: doesn’t matter. US/Canada or the rest of the world. I am from...
  10. NW Wheeler

    SOLD  PENDING Idaho - 1996 FZJ80 Triple Locked

    I have a binder with records of virtually everything purchased for this vehicle over the years. And digital maintenance records since my purchase ten years ago. The pictures under the truck that look like there is dirt/mud caked on it is the result of an oil based rust preventative that the PO...
  11. spectone

    What a Trip... What a Truck!

    Hey Mudders! I'm assuming you don't have to try very hard to remember the day you brought home your first rig... and perhaps more vividly than you can recall the details of other major life milestones, but let's not think about that. - I became a rig owner for the first time this past weekend...
  12. Lovlyemmz

    For Sale  Full sized roof rack DALLAS - 80 series $500

    Roof rack made from square steel. Full sized with brackets for an 80 series. $500 OBO DFW area local pickup only. Thanks! Located in Dallas Texas.
  13. TheProspector

    SOLD  Tulsa, OK: FZJ80 Left Front Fender & Flare

    I have a front left fender and flare for a 93-94 80. I was told that this was from a 95 or 96, so I thought the fender would work on my 97, but the flare material and mounting hole pattern is different than mine. This flare is more rigid like fiberglass vs flexible plastic like my 97, and I see...
  14. A

    Wanted  Wanted: 80 Series WAAG Tail Light Guards

    I know, I know.... damage multiplier and looks stupid. Don't care. I like the look on the tail lights.... Anyone?
  15. robfl

    For Sale  80 Series WAAG Push Bar and Tail Light Guards

    80 Series WAAG Push Bar and Tail Light Guards $100, Local pick up only San Francisco, CA
  16. kolbydmc

    SOLD  1997 Land Cruiser 40th Built/Locked HTX

    Hey all, I have a pretty big move potentially coming up and it’s time for me to let go of my toy as I just got into a Tundra. It’s a 23 year old truck with 23 year old truck problems. It’s not new, it’s not mint, but I daily drove it for the last 6 months without issue and just drove it to Utah...
  17. StaticTorque

    Reccomended PPI in Atlanta/Buford Area?

    Considering buying a 80 and trying to find some reputable places in these areas. Please let me know of any places, would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  18. Lovlyemmz

    SOLD  Dallas Texas: 1995 FZJ80 for sale

    https://dallas.craigslist.org/dal/cto/d/dallas-1995-toyota-land-cruiser/7167001833.html Maintenance: Fresh tune up, new wires, rotor, distributor cap, new hoses, valve cover gasket, new brakes, brake booster, complete AC system rebuild, new battery, O2 sensor, newer tires 80% tread left, oil...
  19. C

    Diffrences in 80 series

    Hey everybody, Upon searching this and other Forums, Google etc. for hours i still couldnt find any clear Infos on what are the diffrences in 80 series Land Cruisers (Years, engine, Transmission ....) so i searched for brochures and only found dead links. So my Question, is there anywhere were...
  20. M

    Raptor-Liner Full Respray

    Hey guys, i see the same questions get asked all the time on heaps of different forums regarding how many kits did they use, whats the process, pros vs cons etc etc So when i recently did a full respray of Raptor on the old girl decided to film a little bit of the whole process to try and help...
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