1. Bardiya

    For Sale Dubai: 80 Series - Sub tank and Compass overhead console.

    Removed from GCC Spec LHD 80 Series 350$ including 7-day shipping and PayPal fees
  2. E

    SOLD Vancouver, WA: 80-series dobinsons adjustable pan hard bars $300 plus shipping.

    Hi all, I have two, brand new never installed, Dobinsons pan hard bars for sale. Front and rear, for 3”-6” lifts. $300 plus shipping, or pickup in Vancouver/Portland, Or
  3. B

    For Sale Portland OR - 1991 Land Cruiser FJ80

    Hello mud - Posting for sale is my 1991 land cruiser, 3 owners but technically 2 as it was bought from a single family owner that traded it in at wilsonville toyota. Clean carfax and exceptionally clean rig. The interior especially is top notch. 133,XXX miles going up as a daily driver...
  4. Bardiya

    For Sale Dubai: 80 Series - CD head unit (Dealer Option)

    CD head unit from AUS spec 1996 GXL 80 Series. Dealer option with owners manual. CD non functional for unknown reasons but Cassette works. 105$ Shipped
  5. Bardiya

    For Sale Dubai: 80 Series - Chrome Quad Headlight set

    Chrome quad headlight set with OEM side marker lights. Remarks: RH lens small crack (not broken) see pics and one bulb retainer spring missing 550$ including shipping
  6. Bardiya

    For Sale Dubai: 80 Series - JDM Headlight set w/foglamp and washer

    JDM Headlight set with integrated yellow fog lamps and washers What's included: 2x OEM headlights 2x clearance lights (one OEM and one aftermarket (peeling reflector)) 2x Indicator lights 385$ Shipped - 2 week tracked shipping to the US
  7. Bardiya

    For Sale Dubai: Early 80 Series - Refurbished leather steering wheel

    1990-1994 3 Spoke Leather-wrapped steering wheel. Refurbished to original specs Available upon request 437.5$ shipped to the US Paypal accepted with extra fees
  8. Bardiya

    For Sale Dubai: RHD 80 Series A/C Controls (Auto & Manual)

    RHD Auto and Manual panels for 80 Series climate controls 200$ each Auto panel is 100% tested working including backlight
  9. MSP1989

    For Sale 80 series Front Bumper W/winch

    Description: Front Bumper W/winch P/N: 52111-60380 Condition: New Genuine Part Fitment: https://japancars.ru/TOYOTA/5211160380 Price: $1,333.33 Weight: With packing : 17kg Shipping: Express EMS for $127.73 Payment: PayPal
  10. Tanner Gonzales

    For Sale San Antonio TX, white 1996 Toyota Land Cruiser fzj80 254k $8000 obo

    Hello I am selling my second 80 due to growing family. It’s a white 96 Toyota with 1fz. Has 254k. I just had head resurfaced and full coolant, fuel , and timing chain overhaul. Pros: radiator, water pump, thermostat, all hoses, injectors, fuel filter, wits end front grease fitting for abs...
  11. Bardiya

    For Sale Dubai: 60, 70, 80, 100 Series dash switches

    Various JDM/Diesel switches for all Land Cruisers 50$ each with 25$ shipping to any US state More variations are also available so feel free to PM me for the switch you're looking for.
  12. Bardiya

    For Sale Dubai: 80 Series quad headlights

    Black quad headlight set for poverty spec 80 series 410$ shipped to any US state 3 sets available
  13. Wyuter

    For Sale Springville, UT/1994/FJ80

    1994 Toyota Landcruiser FJ80 $14,250
  14. Bardiya

    For Sale Dubai: 80 Series 1FZ-FE Manual ECUs 1993 and 1997

    1FZ-FE Manual ECU's 400$ each pre and post-facelift ecus both available
  15. LandCruiseCzar

    SOLD 3x Locked 1996 FZJ80 - Red, Stock!

    Excellent stock land cruiser with original red paint, 3x locked, 1996 (so OBD2) - the most desirable version. I've owned many land cruisers, and this one is sheer joy to have and drive. Some wear (so you don't have to worry about driving it), Arizona dessert truck w/ no meaningful rust on...
  16. claudiosalva

    1h9 Mercury Grey Metallic

    New paint
  17. Stiles

    HDJ80 24v Webasto install

    Howdy! Per recommendation on here, l got a Thermo Pro 50 Eco 24v Webasto for my 1990 HDJ80 (1HD-T). Could use some guidance on how to hook up the electrical, please. Seems its only 24v for starting... Some specific instruction/guidance would be superb. FYI: Webasto doesnt sell heaters...
  18. CanadianCoast

    SOLD 1992 HDJ81 VX limited

    1992 HDJ81 VX Limited Toyota Land Cruiser 1HDT - auto Centre lock/ rear LSD OME lift Turbo back 3” exhaust that sounds great 24v starter Over all good condition! Has some typical 80 series issues Slow windows, shaky side mirror. A few little dings and what not - it’s a 30yr old vehicle...
  19. Moby Wutang

    Wanted SC: Looking to buy an 80 body (95-7)

    Recently rolled my '96; I'm in the market for a rust-free (90%) 80 body.
  20. corporatecruzr

    For Sale Lx450 80 parts

    97 lx450 80 series parts Oxford, AL WILLING TO SHIP Rear pass. Interior panel: $150 Rear driver interior panel: $150 Front bumper: $150 Rear pass. side int. door panel : $100 Rear pass. Seat belt panel: $75 Cd changer (no disc insert): $50 93-97 Toyota Land Cruiser DRIVER Lower Dash: $150...
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