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  1. S

    Second row seat belt removal / install instructions

    Hello: Does anyone have second row seat belt removal / installation instructions? I searched and couldn't find anything. Looking to remove both the passenger size and driver side second row seat belts. My cruiser model year is 2000 in case that's needed. Thanks in advance!
  2. lazarus18


    I need the 2nd row that has the anchors in it and believe the 2006 and up has them but my 02 does not.... I can trade or add money on top to get the deal done. Mine are good conditoin and if interested Ill send pics.

    80 Series 2nd Row step nuts in std or ext lenght (black, brown, gray)

    For those of you with an 80 Series you probably are already missing one or more of the little plastic set nuts used to hold down the second row step or maybe you added sound Dynamat or other sound deadener and the plastic nuts aren't long enough anymore. Well, because I have nothing else better...
  4. onetruth1130

    Wanted  2nd row seat for my LX450. fabric is ok too

    anyone selling a second row seat? im in NEW JERSEY so the closer the easier.. please let me know! thanks! oh fabric is prefered. 1996 LX450
  5. onetruth1130

    Wanted  2nd row seat

    anyone have a second row seat in NEW JERSEY? or close to NJ??
  6. shoresoccer13

    2nd row seat issue

    I am in the process of switching out my leather seats all 3 rows with cloth seats from a 91 or 92 into my 93. Some of the hardware on the donor seats was a little rusty so I spent the time to change over all of the bad hardware out of the cloth with the good hardware from the leather seats. So...
  7. OklahomaOvrland

    Wanted  100 series 2nd row center headrest

    Anyone have one at a reasonable price? Tan color preferred.
  8. bumpersignal

    For Sale  lx470 tan headrest (1st & 2nd row) like new

    I had an extra set of headsets super clean almost like new $200 for the 4 headrests (1st & 2nd row). More pics here:
  9. H

    2nd row middle seatbelt

    Trying to install custom car covers but need to unbolt the middle 2nd row sealt belt to put it through my car seat cover. My question is how to I unbolt it so I can slide through the outside car seat cover. Where is the bolt located ? Thank you
  10. nsaladin

    Disassembly of 2nd Row seats

    I have something rolling around underneath/in one or both of the 2nd row seats... Previous owner had kids, so I am assuming its M&M's or something. When driving and the seats are folded out you can hear it roll across the plastic panel on the bottom of the seat. I have inspected the bottom of...
  11. chitown40

    craigslist  GX470 / 4Runner Weathertech 1st and 2nd row - tan

    Not mine but a pretty good deal... 2003-2009 Lexus GX470 weathertech floor liners mats
  12. yjeff

    WTB - 80 series 2nd Row Seats or Rear bumper

    Want to buy - 80 series 2nd Row seats, any condition or color. I donated mine to another CSC member last year and now looking to replace them. Also, I'm looking for a rear bumper (4x4labs or similar), let me know what you got? Thanks Jeff
  13. jstigler

    Child seats in an 80 (seat belt info)

    So I searched and it seems that my 93 is the last year that the second row doesn't have the ratchet feature once the belt is fully pulled. Can someone confirm that any model 94 and up will have ratcheting belts in the 2nd row. If so can you install 94+ 2nd row belts on a 91-93 model. Do the...
  14. landcruiserLV

    For Sale  80 series seats: 2nd and 3rd row (Las Vegas)

    These are from my 1996 FZJ80, Tan leather. Very Good condition. Asking $200 $150 for all of it. Rear pass side has loose metal brace due to missing washer but is still totally functional, (you can see it poking out in photo on driveway) Edit: price drop to $150 Edit again: price drop to $100
  15. Strand4x4

    For Sale  OEM Floor Mat Set for 80 Series New - Never Used

    For Sale a 4 Piece Set Land Cruiser Floor Mat Set. Both fronts, 2nd Row and 3rd Row Mat. Color is Gray/Grey. These mats are not available anywhere. This is for the serious restorer. I want $700 for the set and $25 for shipping. I hate to sell them, but my Land Cruiser has and Oak Interior and...
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