1. seaken

    Cap on thermostat housing ( Radiator Cap)

    Looking for Cap that goes on thermostat housing for my 1987 BJ74 13bt turbo diesel . Can one that would work be bought here in Canada . I’m in Halifax NS . Thanks
  2. Drive-Thru Tree in northern California

    Drive-Thru Tree in northern California

  3. LZFJ40

    Parts for 1987 LJ70: Oil filter and Owners manual

    Hello everyone, I've used the USA parts availability thread from this forum with good success and have ordered many correct parts for my '87 LJ. Thank you to all the contributors! I am having trouble obtaining a correct oil filter for my 2.4 2LT engine. The 90915-YZZ03 filter is 1/2 the size of...
  4. BisonCruiser

    Wanted  Project FJ60

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum. I had a 1987 Toyota Pickup that first got me into vehicles. I had to sell it for a decent computer and am itching to grab another Toyota. Land Cruisers have been my dream vehicle for a while now. I am looking for an FJ60 (preferably an '87) anywhere in the US. Not...
  5. geohaskett

    SOLD  FJ60/FJ62 Auto Tranny (Idaho)

    I recently purchased a lot of FJ40 Land Cruiser parts which included an automatic tranny and a 3F EFI engine. I was told that they came from an 1987 FJ60, however looking them up online and it appears that 3F EFI and the auto tranny came with the FJ62, but can be bolted into an FJ60. They were...
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