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Oct 26, 2018
I have a hilux that i have fitted a 13b into.
It has a 14b front cover, timing gears, rotary pump and rb25 turbo.
Does anybody know where i can get a
14b-t injector pump and can i use 14b-t injectors on the 13b?
Jul 22, 2003
Perth Western Australia
14B were not common in Australia AFAIK and the turbo models were even less common. 22100-58780 is the part number for the 14B-T pump and is found in a 90-97 BU96 BU91 BU88 Dynas. Send off a few emails to truck wreckers around Australia. Or contact the Japanese engine importers in QLD and see if they can get you one. Most of them seem to be from Japan. Most other countries only got the 14B without turbo.
I think it will bolt straight up.
But it might be easier to talk to a diesel injection workshop and see what they can do with your existing pump.
23600-58040 Thats the part number for the injector, my guess it will work . Its a 14B-T only part.
Again, a fuel injection shop maybe able to modify your existing 13B injectors to get the fuel volume you want.

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