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  1. mtnbike28

    Rust: how bad? Opinions

    Not an northeast coast frame! Mine looks MUCH worse, looks fine, sand and POR it. I agree, it's a 3. Jay in NY
  2. mtnbike28

    1973 FJ40 on Ebay with 5000 miles

    Rear gas tank It looks like they also added a reverse light and a aux gas tank. That is alot of work to drive 5k miles!
  3. mtnbike28

    Giddy like a school girl!!!!

    Congrats Nice truck. Is that the one just outside Rochester? Are you in the western NY area? If so, we have a small Cruiser club here. PM for info. Jay 02 DC Taco - dd 98 4rnr - hers 74 FJ40 - painted rust
  4. mtnbike28

    33" or 35"

    33s on 2.5 inch lift I have 33x9.5s with a BDS 2.5 inch lift. I have not had an issue with rubbing. This works great for everything I wanted to do and rides better on the street than when I had 31x10.5. Just another option. Jay
  5. mtnbike28

    New Door Bushings

    Just had a chance to see these in person, they fit great and took all the slop out of my friend's 40. Got me set waiting to install, but wanted to let the non-ebay watchers know they are out there. I am not afflilated but just happy to have a better choice than plastic bushings...
  6. mtnbike28

    new Frame ?

    I am planning to replace my rusted tub this winter with AL tub. I found a frame with OME springs, front shakle reversal, and tires/wheels. Now the questions, PO replaced front and rear bumpers with homemade, front is fine, rear has no cutouts for lights and looks shorter to me. It also as no...
  7. mtnbike28

    10% ethanol?

    I just found a gas station that is 10 cents cheaper, but it's 10% ethanol, I know the 85 is bad for my '74 40, 91 Prelude and 98 4rnr, but can I run 10% in these older systems ... without damage? thx Jay
  8. mtnbike28

    PVC shower liner.

    x4 the cheap foil.... after I did it, I didn't have to adjust radio volume when driving and at stop lights with the hard top on. Jay in NY
  9. mtnbike28

    Fusible link?

    After discussions with a couple of friends, I am now concerned I don't have a fusible link. I have a 9/74 FJ 40 with a hacked together wiring harness, thanks to PO and me, but I do not see the fusible link. On the other FJ's I have seen, a 78 and FJ60, the link was very near the battery. From my...
  10. mtnbike28


    try it first Take the top off and then decide how you feel after driving topless. I fall in love with my truck every spring when I take the hard top off. I like the bikini top to protect from sunburn and half doors or doorless all summer. The truck is much more fun without a top and doors...
  11. mtnbike28

    CCOT quarter panels

    I have a set for sale I have a set in my attic, along with rocker panels. I will never use them, I need an AL tub, can't weld to rust ; ) Let me know if you are interested.
  12. mtnbike28

    my vacation project cooler and gas carrier

    looks great but... I am looking into doing the same thing, but does that cooler mount really block less than the spare tire? that looks like alot of blockage. Jay in NY
  13. mtnbike28

    Rear Heater T ideas needed

    Thanks to a lister here I am adding a rear heater to my cold 40. I have a set of hard lines but may just use heater hose. I do not have the "T" fitting at the firewall/front heater for attaching the lines for rear. I was hoping someone had a great idea for a way to add the rear heater fittings...
  14. mtnbike28

    77 FJ40 and BDS Suspension....SOFT !

    I have it do... soft? I have the BDS 2.5 inch with their shocks and new stock height CCOT shakles... what do you mean soft? It flattened or teh ride is softer than when you installed?
  15. mtnbike28

    74 Rear Hatch 78 Side Panels 71 Tail Gate 74 Doors

    what I did did and doing same. My friend borrowed an "insert tool" from a body shop and we drilled holes and pressed in the inset for bolts. Looked great, very clean. I am doing the same now on a 75 top with hatch and plan to do teh above or just run the bolts all the way through the post...
  16. mtnbike28

    Air cleaner relocation on F engine.

    what I did... I had the same problem. I bought one of those "tuner" air filters at AutoZone, ripped off the cheap stuff and used the ~3 inch rubber ring and the metal ring that I cut and made flat(to fit stock carb, that was the sticking point) and then bolted and sealed with RTV on a flat...
  17. mtnbike28

    CMCC prep...

    Glad I am not alone on the last min repairs.... 1. figure out new smoking problem from exhaust, I swear the only thing I changed was mixture. 2. wonder what the grease was in the rear brake drum when changing tires 3. talk myself out of adjusting all four drums before the 5 hr drive down to...
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