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  1. packetstormin

    Head removed, hg pics 230k

    So the oil cooler sits on the passenger side of the block. Because our blocks are iron, there have been reported cases where the passages to the oil cooler have become totally clogged, or rusted through. Since the water passages look pretty clogged going to the head, there is a chance the...
  2. packetstormin

    Head removed, hg pics 230k

    I would highly recommend that you pull the oil-cooler off and inspect the block. Judging by the way your passages look, you might be in a world of hurt.
  3. packetstormin

    97' FZJ80 heated seat install with Toyota horizontal low/high switches

    Any idea if this switch will work?
  4. packetstormin

    Rear Caliper ID Help Needed

    Just replaced my factory right rear caliper with a napa reman. The napa reman looked exactly like the factory caliper.
  5. packetstormin

    HELP PLEASE! I'm stuck in the wilderness with a dead fxj80

    When my hg was done there were missing teeth on the sprocket. I had like 230k on my engine at that point. I wonder if it would be prudent to start doing the timing chains on these rigs as pm.
  6. packetstormin

    436,000 mi Compression Test

    What are your thoughts on 1 and 4 ?
  7. packetstormin

    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    I run these and they have been a great upgrade.
  8. packetstormin

    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    How well does that ram mount work? Any shake going down a washboard road ?
  9. packetstormin

    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    Did you repair the engine or has she been driving it with the wrist issue ?
  10. packetstormin

    Blew engine?

    Pull your fan clutch and start the truck. This rules out the fan.
  11. packetstormin

    Blew engine?

    Did your truck lose power steering ?
  12. packetstormin

    Magnuson Supercharger FZJ80

    ^ This. I am replacing the engine in my truck starting in the spring and would like to have one on the shelf.
  13. packetstormin

    Where Has Your 80 Taken You?: 80 Series Camping/Overland/Adventure Thread

    What rear bumper is that? I really like the built in winch.
  14. packetstormin

    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    Does just the bottom pan have to come off to get the timing cover off?
  15. packetstormin

    So are there any TRD Superchargers left?

    Any chance a kit like this will work ? Water/Methanol Injection Kit for Forced Induction Gasoline Engines | AEM
  16. packetstormin

    So are there any TRD Superchargers left?

    Anyone know if the mag kits will work on the 93-94 rigs?
  17. packetstormin

    extreme water pump failure

    My 80 has an entire new cooling system and HG. It runs hotter than it should. I just juiced my blue hub with 60,000 cst fluid. It made a difference, though did not cure my issue totally. Others have a similar issue. Weird thing is mine just started one day out of the blue. I think now that...
  18. packetstormin

    OEM blue hub fan clutch silicone fluid question

    So I guess I will add my opinion to this matter. Every summer, despite an entirely new cooling system my truck runs hot. On the really hot days in Phoenix I would see 225 to 230. My ac would shut off in stop and go traffic. When finally moving again my temp would only drop to 217. So at the...
  19. packetstormin

    Toyota Discontinues TRD Supercharger Program

    Pretty sure I read an article that the new supra will have a bmw engine. I really think Toyota has stepped off the deep end. I have had my share of bmws and they all have been unreliable...
  20. packetstormin

    Shout Out to Local (Mesa, AZ) Shop

    I have nothing to add other than lol.
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