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    Wanted Window glass for rear barn doors?

    Bump. Please let me know if you have any leads!
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    Wanted Window glass for rear barn doors?

    That would be fantastic. I would potentially be interested in both windows just to have a spare.
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    Wanted Window glass for rear barn doors?

    Sadly it is not flat glass. By putting a yardstick up against it you can see a slight curve both vertical and horizontal.
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    Wanted  Window glass for rear barn doors?

    Hello all! I am on the hunt for a RH side rear window for my barn door equipped FJ61. The part # is 68131-90A07. I've seen them come up on Australia Ebay, but nobody wants to ship to US. Toyota doesn't have any in the US either. Anybody have an idea where I might be able to source one? Thanks!
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    OME Dakar Center Pin Diameter

    I think my springs are pre Dakar, so I can't say with certainty that this applies to your springs. When I took mine apart, I replaced the center pin with a a 3/8-13 socket head bolt of the appropriate length. The head was the perfect diameter to fit in the spring perch, with just a bit of force...
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    american vs JDM???

    As someone who daily drives a JDM FJ61, and has fixed a lot of things on it, here's a non exhaustive list of thing I've come across: Throttle, hand throttle, and choke cables are different Clutch master is different Body tub is different and won't fit retractable passenger seat belts Different...
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    Builds Finally got my own...Meet BeBe

    I think if anything the lack of a secondary would give you better mileage at the expense of power. With a non-opening secondary I get 17mpg doing 105kph on the interstate and 14-15mpg in town. I'd be down for a set.
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    Builds Finally got my own...Meet BeBe

    I recently discovered the same thing on my carb. The diaphragm that operates the secondary is all dry and cracked. I tried to fix it by smearing it with silicon to fill in the cracks but I think it's too creased. Cruiseroutfitters is the only place I've found that sells the 81-87 diaphragm, but...
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    Can I get a pic of your Distributor Cap and Orientation? Please

    There should be two vac lines off the dissy cap. One goes to somewhere on the air cleaner to provide a light vacuum. The other goes to a small air cleaner which I think is on the firewall. This system cycles air through the dissy to prevent corrosion.
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    For Sale SOLD: York OBA Compressor + 2F Mount + tank (PA)

    Were you able to find any pictures of how it mounts on a motor?
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    Distributor venting system questions

    I replaced my factory points dissy with an electronic ignition one from a US truck. I just ran one line to the air cleaner for the light vacuum and the other to an filter in the firewall. The electronic ignition itself produces corrosive gas and that's why you need to draw in fresh air.
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    Builds Poppy- '84 FJ60

    Ahh, gotcha. I read German supplier so my mind went to aftermarket. I certainly am not saying $500 is unreasonable, just that it's more than I can afford to spend on my truck.
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    Builds Poppy- '84 FJ60

    I am very interested in a set front vent windows! I say cruiseryard selling an OEM Aussie set not too long ago but they wanted $500 and that's too much for me. An aftermarket option would be amazing. That 160 project sounds awesome. I'm looking forward to the build thread.
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    60 not wanting to stay started

    Run it until it dies and then look at the sight glass and see whether you have the proper level of fuel in the float bowl. If there's no fuel then you have a fuel delivery issue, if fuel is at the right level then look elsewhere.
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    For Sale Assorted FJ60 Parts and Cummins parts in Durham, NC

    I'm interested in the dissy. Do you have any pics of the inside? Mechanical and vac advance working properly? Thanks!
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