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    New H55F 5 speed shifter issues, wont shift out of neutral

    Looking at the picture. It looks to me the reverse shifter rail is in the in gear position. That’ s the one second from the right. You have to pusn the rail/ fork towards the top of the picture. You have push pretty hard because you are over coming the detent ball and will make...
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    New H55F 5 speed shifter issues, wont shift out of neutral

    If you look down the hole where the shift lever goes you should see what looks like a square box when all of the shift rods/hence shift forks are in the neutral position There is a pin that sticks out into the ‘square box’ for the reverse rail. If you don’t see a square that means one of the...
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    FJ40 Frame Rivet Replacement?

    Have used a couple of different methods as "replacement" rivets The holes in the frame are 9 mm for the most part. Finding 9mm rivets can be a little trying. 3/8 diameter rivets are reasonably easy to obtain. Google is you friend. 9 mm is equal to 0.354 inches and 3/8 is 0.375 so close and you...
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    Help Needed With 1/2 Tub

    Hi mtrdud, Have been working on 1980 for quite a while. The up to 1978 body build style is way easier imho to work on than the 1979 up body build style. On your picture of the left door pillar, you see where the half moon cutouts are on the inside. On each one of those there is a spot weld. You...
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    Differential Pinion Shaft Lock Bolt Extractor Kit for Toyota

    Hi mb, If it was me doing it I think I would buy the long ⅛ drill or get one from an industrial tool supplier. Make a bush drill guide from a grade 4 Toyota bolt and drill ⅛ hole through the length of the bolt. A 10mm bolt length would be fine, the thread is 8mmx1.25 pretty standard on a LC...
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    OEM rear quarter panel fitment

    Hi Catfish28 Yes the rear quarters are different pre '79 and after '79 The '78 back, bolt the the rear door pillar and then are are welded at the top tube rim. The '79 up panels have no 90 degree flange on them they are a straight edge( no 90 degree bend) where they attach to the rear door...
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    Rear sill and quarter panel patch cost estimate?

    Hi bwalker, There is a business in Lincoln City, not too far from you that specializes in TLC's might be worth a ride out there to get a real estimate from someone who knows Cruisers. Contact Us About our Toyota Land Cruiser restoration of FJ40s Thanks jb
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    Pictures of 1983 40 Series with Centre Dash Panel Out

    Those tires sure look like Armstrong Tru Trac's. They made lots of noise ( squeal) when cornering hard on pavement. Thanks jb
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    Installation of race on rear axle -- early style

    Hi 2fpower, if you are a coffee drinker you probably have drip coffee maker with a hot plate. Place the inner race on the hot plate of the coffee maker and wait till it get hot. Stand your axles up so they are resting on the studs vertically. Assumes the race axle surface is clean and free...
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    Milling Machine rolling base

    Hi firestopper, Exceptionally neat work. Your friend should be really happy with a new mill and mobile base. I too have a new mill coming. The tracking information says it is going to be delivered on the 16th September. I won't have your friends problem as my neighbours who live a mile way have...
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    Fab area help.

    Hi Vary Vo. Here a few pictures of some ideas for overhead space. The "fab" table is a low slung table with casters. The frame is 2x wood with 1'' thick 48x48 ply top which screwed to the frame. Easy to remove to put some other jig or fixture to hold some of your are fabbing jigs as needed...
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    New Workbench for Wilton

    Hi FARMAN33 From the picture the vise seems to be mounted too far onto the bench surface. The inside jaw surface should be parallel to or slightly proud of the bench front, so when you clamp long pieces vertically the piece doesn't interfere with the cabinets and or the front lip of the bench...
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    78 build thus far and PTO gear question

    Catfish28, If you are never going to use the the PTO then leaving the gear the way it is,is fine because it's just acting as spacer. The bearing that slides in behind the gear fits in the bore of the transfer case with a sliding fit, it is not clamped to the TC bore. The bearing is tighten up...
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    Where have I gone wrong - after assymbly gearbox and trans

    The high speed gear could installed backwards so there are no splines for the coupler collar to engage on and drive the output shaft. Easy to do. That is why it is best to run through all the gears when the transmission and transfer case is on the bench. If you pull the side cover of where the...
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    Is this part good are trash?

    Nothing a lathe and i bit time won't fix. If you have an output shaft it is easier to spin without a lot of set-up. I would be best to polish the seal surface before doing anything. A spacer washer about 0.100 thick installed before you install the drum would bring the seal out to a new surface...
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