Yet another dash question: SR5 vs. Dlx

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May 20, 2007
What is in this location on the SR5 Gen1 4Runners? Shown is my Deluxe dash with a dealer installed, aftermarket cruise control unit which has never worked. I would like to remove it but I'm not sure what my options are for filling the hole. Is there a cut-out that would fill this spot? It seems to be similar in size and shape to the factory cruise control units which are on the other side of the steering wheel but I don't think that they are exact.

Did some of the SR5 trims have a cubby hole in this location?

I'm about to order some interior parts off of an 86 SR5 and want to know what my options are for this location.
Dash left.JPG
Pickups have a cubby, pretty much worthless imo. I used to stick my cell in there, where I'd always forget it. Not sure about 4runner
I just got a little cubby perfect spot for the remote for my stereo but that is about it.
.....sorry about pic quality junk phone shows one thing then stores it another :mad:

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