Where to get GOOD alternators?

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Apr 26, 2009
So we are on alternator number four now. The last one kept leeching my battery and the bearings seized, destroying the belt... Don't remember the name of the place we got it at, I'll have to dig through the ol' files.

Where, in the Utah/Salt Lake Valley area, is the best place to look? Checker, out. Orem Auto, out. Any place selling rebuilt alternators, out.

Checked with CDan @ American Toyota yet? You may also want to look into why the alternators kept dying. There maybe an alternator eater hiding somewhere.:D
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OEM or non, 4 in a row sounds strange. May want to do what the above have said and find the issue of why. just my .02
You have some other problem, even junky ones should last longer.
I'd get a amps meter and put it between your battery and the lead post connector. With the ignition off you can measure any constant drain or short.

I have found a few shorts in other ppls vehicles for them that way.

It helps to have the wiring schematic. Once you know there is a drain you can unplug a connector, pull a fuse etc to see if the drain goes away. Then narrow it farther with a meter.
The problems have been different every time, the alternators are just crap...
Where are you getting them from?

I'm guessing Checkers, Vatozone, etc., and yes those are crap.

Autozone etc. alternators will die out all the time. Especially if you run any aftermarket stuff. I went through 3 in 1 year on a SBC. I got a cheapo alternator from BRP parts on ebay and has lasted for a few months now. The OEM died at 186,000 I think it just wore out, new bearings and brushes will probably fix it.
I've run el cheapo alts on many vehicles with great success. I think there is something else going on.
No additional accessories, except soon-to-be a mobile compressor. I'll check with Cruiser Dan and see what he charges...
A reman through Mr T should cost you no more than $220.
got one from Cruiser Dan. Should be here Tuesday. Party.
You got that right. I saw a guy once go through ten, yes ten, junk rebuilt checker alternators. He thought it must be his car so he sent his car to a electrical specailist who told him to stop jacking around and spend a little for a quality (factory) unit.

The money and time he spent in the end was a joke. Especially with alternators, I suggest factory. I see you ended up there anyway.


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