What's this wire goto

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Mar 4, 2014
I have a 2/1971 FJ40 FST. I've been slowly getting this truck running. Right now it has s hard top on it. It's a FST when it was new. There is a wire on the driver side windshield. It goes up the side and over to the wiper motor. Half way up the windshield a wire splits off the wiper harness and goes straight up through the windshield frame. I don't think it's an interior light because it's on the dash. Any ideas? Rick
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It's the wire to your interior light that should be right above your left shoulder when driving.
On a soft top there is s light up there? Maybe it was never used
Lets see some pics of your dash, including the pocket area, and the A-pillar top door hinge area please.
Here's the dash and the rear tail gate. I'll get some pics in the morning of the A pillar. My brother bought this car new. So I know most of its history.
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It's the interior light, just above and to the left of the driver
That's good.

I see the door strap anchor and can make out the interior lamp on the pass side of the pocket.

Many people claim FST and unfortunately, they do not have one.

Now about that wire-

The wiring harnesses on these vehicles during this era would not have been different for a FST or hard top truck, so the fact that you have that wire on top of the windshield frame that would go to an interior lamp on the left hand upper B pillar, is not something out of the norm.

I have seen people with these FST trucks, modify a HT interior lamp and mount it above the mirror and wire it into that lead in your first pic.

Ok Poser
Thanks. As I mentioned my brother bought this car new. He passed away and couldn't ask him about the wire. It's been in a barn for the last 20 years and is all original except for the hard top. Now that's it's running well, my plan is to put a soft top back on it and have it panted. Everything works now and I enjoy driving it locally.
Thanks for your relies
I have the same wire on my '72 - not connected to any device - it used to be a hardtop truck but was running a softtop from several previous owners ago when I got it - same color of truck, BTW

sorry to hear of your brother's passing
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Thank you
It even still has the original canvas doors that are in great shape. No tares or wholes with the plastic windows.
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It should be 12 volt hot all times, even with key off

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