What's The Safari Spring Story?

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Dec 22, 2006
Richland, WA
Mudders, I have been seeing some lift kits with "SAFARI" spring kits. Anyone have experince good or bad with them. Who makes them/where, who handles them.They seem to be cheaper. Other lift question, is the a negative difference for general handling between a 2-3 in lift and a 4"? Are there extra changes that have to be made to accomidate the 4". I want to run 32-33" tires on my 86 fj60 and want a goodly amount of clearance. Suggestions or spitballs welcome, just trying to decide on how deep (high) I want to jump. The LC's with the 4" lifts just look great but there's nothing wrong with the 2-3" lifts. I'm just looking for any down sides. For the tires I'm planning on running, the 2-3" would be ok.....but.,,,, well yaknow? Let the opinons sprout! tatortot
Man-A-Fre carries the safari springs. I was trying to get some info on them myself. There isn't much of a price difference between the Safari spring packs and the OME's. I read a post by brokenparts who had the lift on his rig before. I don't know how good or bad it is. Hopefully he'll chime in.
I had the Safari springs (stock height) from Man-A-Fre on my SOA cruiser. The fronts lasted a couple of years before serious sagging. Since then, I've replaced the Safari fronts with OME. Rear packs are still Safari and holding up fine.
Personally, I really liked the safari springs. Worked really well and flexed out pretty nice too. With those springs and the shackle reversal you can run 35s pretty easy. I added some add-a-leafs,1 in Body lift and did minimal trimming and was able to run 36" Iroks which are a true 36.

If you dont want an SOA I'd highly recommend going that route.

Some pics before the body lift and trimming running 35" BFGs and the safari springs and shackle reversal at full flex:




I have MAF safari springs. Front and rear have sagged. Added OME AAL to the rear, now is fine. Might add OME AAL to the front. Should have just purchased OME to start, but I got the Safari's before the lower priced Dakar's were available. Flex on the Safari's is good though.
i have safari springs on my 86 60 and they are the single worst mistake ever. sag, lean, pieces of s***!!! I should have listened to my friend gone soa with stock springs or even chevy half tons. Hope that helps. not to mention ride got so much worse.
And the three times I have ordered parts from MAF they have screwed it up somehow.

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