What Year is My 45?

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Nov 8, 2011
Black Hills
I purchased an FJ45 last year and was told it was a 67. It says it is a 1967 on the title along with the round tab on the VIN tag is stamped 67. However, I recently looked at the 45 SWB registry and the vin number is one off of @65swb45. It also has a front windshield vent. That makes me think it should be a 1965.

So what year do I have?

65 21321 3puppies US
65 21615 65swb45 US
66 21634 wileycoyote US
65 21636 onebadlc US


Tag is year first SOLD. If you have a vent, it’s not newer than ‘65. There’s a VIN chart online somewhere, but I don’t know the link offhand.
Hopefully no one has changed the windshield frame. It's hard to imagine it took two years to sell a new vehicle.
A 1965 will have a angled heater cowl vent on the passenger side and a 1966 on will not. It not an absolute, someone may have changed the vent out but not likely.

If this helps, my 1966 FJ45 has the T-67 aluminum tag as well and it's a 1966 titled in 1967.

I would trust my vin vs anything else. Also does the frame vin match the vin tag.
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It is very original with no swapped parts. The frame number matches the tag. Everything proves it being a 65, I just think it is weird that they would title it not by the year it was made but when it was sold:confused:. Thanks for the clarification!

A little backstory on the 45: It had the rear pinion nut loosen up causing the pinion to fall in the diff. It was then parked and not moved. That happened in 1976 :eek:. My uncle then purchased the 45 from the original owner in 2004 with the 1976 license plates still on it. It then sat some more until last August. It has 60,000 original miles on it!

She is currently undergoing a thorough cleaning and will be kept as stock as possible.:cheers:

That is the nicest F motor I think I have ever seen! You need to start a build thread please?
^x2. And yeah, I want to see the rest of the rig that motor goes in.:clap:
Pics pics pics piiiiiiiiiccs
Thanks guys!

Alright, I haven't taken very many pictures but I will post what I have.

So this was the day I picked it up the 45. The front clip was removed but was all there. My son is always excited to pick up new Land Cruisers. He is almost as bad as me!


Wasn't to long before we had it loaded and ready to take home.



Once home, I wasted no time getting it cleaned up and there is nothing like cleaning out piles of mice poop. I had at least 5 mice that took a ride home in the 45. I finally trapped all the mice but it took about a week.



The miles on the 45.


After a few weeks I got it into the garage when I knew there weren't any mice left and started stripping it down. It is truly amazing stripping down a vehicle that is so original. The doors and top had never been removed. All the little things that usually disappear from the dreaded PO, were still there. I was also really excited to see that there wasn't any rust to deal with! Only had a hand full of bolts snap off and that is something I am not used to working on 40's. This thing is solid.



Slowly got it down to the basics.



The frame ready to get sand blasted and powder coating.

I love it when I go to purchase a removable top short bed 45 in amazing shape and the seller throws in a spare bed!! Major score!
So what’s the story with the second bed? And plan?

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