What tools do you carry?

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As the regulars will know I don’t take my pig out…it’s just a hoist decoration 🙄

My travel bag has : combo wrenches, cheapo socket kit, vicegrips, hammer, big pliers (BFPs) linesmans with a crimp jaw, misc screwdrivers, tie wire, #14 wire, ducktape, brakleen…probably more. Plus jumper cables, air comp, tow rope, shackles, box of chain.
Fuel filter, fuel pump, jumper cables, credit card, AAA card, a few hand tools and a couple of phone numbers of knowledgeable friends. Rely on regular preventative maintenance more than a few hundred pounds of rarely if ever used tools and spare parts. Started driving in 4WD when I was barely in my teens. This plan has worked pretty well for 60+ years. Do carry recovery gear which only once has been used to pull out my vehicle. Often used to help others.
Got 1 of these dont need jumper cables 😘
I'm always debating which sets to carry. metric sockets 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2 and wrenches, also Standard 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2 sockets and wrenches. The big thing for me is to bring what I think I might need and not rely on someone else to have it. A good part of our trips are by ourselves, so I need to carry more. One good thing about a Chevy motor, I could damn near walk to any auto parts and find what I would need for it, not so much an F motor.

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