What am I getting into?

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Jan 7, 2006
Missoula MT
I have a 79' FJ-40 that is complete except the transfer case is shot. I found a donor vehicle that is a 77 FJ-40, but I am not sure how compatible these parts are? Please help.

AFAIK, '79 runs the first of the split-case transfers.

'77 will not be the same.

But are the flange patterns the same? I cannot remember...


When you say the transfer is shot, what do you mean? Easiest sol'n might be a rebuild if you have all the pieces.

The floors are very different btwn a '77 and a '79, so I am guessing the shift linkage would be different as well.

Welcome to MUD; the largest collection of LC nuts in the USA. Use the search function alot; the knowledge base is amazing .. Say where ur from and where u got the '79 and learn to post pic if u so desire.

I'm fairly sure the 77 will work; however, I would rebuild the '79 and reinstall.

How do u know the transfer is shot?

My 1979-FJ40 transmission has shifting problems; called syncros that are warn out or at least getting there. I may fix this in the near future, maybe.

Hopefully there are guys here that will ask u the right questions and give u some better advice.

U need to give us some more detail about how u know ur txfr is "shot". Does it shift into low range? Can u shift it to "N" neutral? Can u shift it at all? U may have a linkage problem, not a Transfer Problem.

Thanks for all your imput. The 79 was run very hard in the woods, somewhere along the line the transfer case dovelloped an oil leak. On the fourty mile drive home the cruiser just would'nt move. At first I was thinking that the clutch may have given out. Later we opened the transfer case and found that all the gears had been dynamited, there was all kinds of carnage in the case.
I had been led to believe that a rebuilt tc was nearly impossible without the gears intact.
My thought was that I can use the 77 tranny and transfer case and put them into the 79. I would try to resurect the 77 but there is no title for the vehicle.
khaugland said:
My thought was that I can use the 77 tranny and transfer case and put them into the 79.

This is going to be your best move.

If the gears in the other case are junk from no oil, I would bet that the output shaft of the transmission is junk also.

Pretty easy swap.

Good luck!

pretty easy swap, I'll be working back in Missoula starting, Jan, 16. If you need assistance let me know. Paul
dude, have Poser build you a Orion, then you will have 4 to 1 gears and a even stronger built tranny! if you dont know what it is then search on it

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