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Feb 23, 2020
Houston, TX
So this morning the fan was making some bad knocking noises, and it seems that the shaft on the water pump has a great deal of play, allowing the fan to bang against a pulley or two. So far have removed fan and belts and fan clutch. Thankfully PO had already split the fan shroud. I was hoping it was something to do with the mounting but it seems that the whole shaft is clunking back and forth. Not sure why it isn't bleeding coolant. I found some good threads on here and it seems like we can make the swap here in the driveway, especially as we already have access to it.

So, wondering what part I need. "toyotapartsdeal" has two parts listed -
Pump Assy, Engine Water 16100-69195 - $319.21,
Pump Assy, Water, W/O Coupling 16110-61180 - $154.88
what does the first have that the second doesn't?
Rockauto has Aisin WPT029 for $70.79 - says it is 1610069195 as alternate #

What should I get?

Also, any hints on how to drain the coolant without making a complete mess?


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