Warn M8000 Free Spool Problem/Install Questions

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Jun 20, 2006
Mission Viejo, CA, USA
I just installed an old M8000 into my new ARB. I rotated the gear housing (with the Free Spool/Engage lever) counter-clockwise 72 degrees. I can't move the lever into the free spool position. I didn't check if it would go to free spool before I clocked it, so I don't know if I caused the problem, or not. Any ideas?

Also, I installed it with the motor on the USPS, and the lever on the USDS. When I first installed it, the cable spooled off from the top of the drum and rubbed the lip of the bumper before going through the fairlead. I unwound all the cable and re-spooled it to come off of the bottom of the drum. Now it goes cleanly through the fairlead, but I'm not sure it's going in the direction Warn intended it to go. Have I done something wrong here?

IIRC, the M8000 should wind in clockwise if you look at the winch from the motor end. I think that normally results in the motor being on the passenger side. (That means that the cable will wind in from the bottom of the drum.)

I think you have it correct now. Sorry that I can't help you with the clutch issue but I'm pretty sure that rotating it didn't hurt it (I've roated two M8000 clutch ends and have had no issues).

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