Warn Hub Disassembly

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Feb 21, 2017
Trying to rebuild the front axle off my 79’ donor. Im attempting to remove the Warn locking hubs, but all the tutorials I’ve seen make reference to removing a C-clip after taking the cover off. Mine doesn’t have a C-clip, but rather appears to have a bolt that retains it. When I try to remove the bolt, it just spins the axle shafts all the way to the differential. Any ideas on getting this hub off? Thanks!
Stick it in 4 wheel and leave the transmission in gear if the other side still has a wheel on it (and on the ground). A friend stepping on the brakes may also be able to hold it enough to get it broken free. If not, an ugga dugga gun should pop it right off.
Bolt and washer where used when putting long body warn hubs on the 79 and later shorter birfs. No C clip used on your setup. Impact should work bolt is short and shouldn’t be super tight.

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