Value of 1988 FJ62 with dead engine

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Feb 28, 2018
Austin, TX
Son has a 88 FJ62 with #4 cylinder not moving. 198k miles Haven't pulled the oil pan to see anything but do know the piston is not moving. I'm trying to find out what the truck may be worth as is. The interior was just redone 5 weeks ago and everything worked. This 62 does NOT have PW, PL so it may be rare? There are some rust areas around the passenger rear cargo window but the underside is very clean. Truck came from Montana. It has had a rust preventative coating paint applied on the bottom sections of the truck. Not a rough skin but smooth and it looks very professional.

Since he is limited on funds, what option would you choose? V8/V6 or diesel conversion is not a possibility for him due to limited funds.

1. Sell the truck as is and move on down the road. What's it worth - ballpark?
2. Pull the engine and have it rebuilt locally for about $2500. Save the labor on R/R.
3. Find a used engine and swap it out but have no clue what they are worth.

Thanks for your comments and suggestions as always!
I would say either #2 or #3 engine swaps are alot of money and they take time labor. Will probably not get much for it broke down. You say piston isn't moving that doesn't sound good at all.
Get a used engine and drive it. You can use either a 2f or a 3fe because you can just bolt your 3fe top end on the 2f. May need some different brackets but it will all work. I’ve seen used engines listed in the $500 to $1500 range. If you can do the engine install work yourself it’s really not that bad cost wise.
Find a used 3FE for ~$500-800 bucks here in the classifieds, or toss a 2F bottom end under the head you have and build a stronger engine with a bit of work and some accessory bracket figuring.
Don't sell it! Just do what the others have said and your son will have a good classic runner for a long time.
Used engines will vary from $300-$1200. You might be able to fit a '91/92 engine, but expect some differences. You will have to do this yourself, budget-wise, as a shop might kill you on pricing. If you can find a shop that will pull it, rebuild, and reinstall for $2500, just write the check.

If your son is in college or has a ton of obligations, I might just unload it, but if he can make time (and is motivated), he'll learn a lot by fixing it, and have a cool truck. Was he in love with it, or was it just a 'cool Jeep' to him? If he hasn't driven it a lot, and drives a lot of miles, he may find that an 11 MPG truck isn't practical, too.
He really loves the truck but its not very practical. I think he intended to keep it for a awhile and then sell it. Its $2000 worth of labor to R/R the engine. He doesn't have that much cushion so a nice project for a few days IF we can find a reasonably priced donor engine.

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