Updating front axle to factory disk, brake line question

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Nov 2, 2018
Installing 1976 knuckles out on a 1969 front axle. I also installed dust shield eliminators. the brake lines to feed each wheel come from the frame above it instead of the axle. I'm sure others have run in to this and looking at what brake lines were used. the current rubber lines that were on the truck from the frame to the center of the top of the drum were 16 inches long. statically from the frame to the caliper is around 19 inches plus the need to add suspension drop, turning ect... let me know your thoughts, Paul.............
I did something similar using 78 stuff on a 69 axle.
I ended up welding a couple "tombstone" tabs to each end of the axle. I ran a hard line along the axle top. I dropped down on the drivers side from the Master Cylinder, to frame and then a soft line to the axle T. The T was what was used on a 74 drum axle. Then I used RayBestos BH38878 soft lines to the caliper from each tombstone bracket.
I don't have any pics on my phone and I am away from the truck for a couple weeks. Hopefully someone else will chime in with some ideas and pics.
Good idea, thanks shark, was also wondering if anyone retained the plumbing in the truck and just ran longer SS or rubber lines down directly to the caliper?
Has anybody run brake lines from the factory frame line connector (1969) to the caliper?
Has anybody run brake lines from the factory frame line connector (1969) to the caliper?
I not sure which brake line you are talking about.
Aside from marginally easier bearing maintenance I really dont see the value in the backing plate elimination.. been there, done that, subsequently reverted to the factory setup. Some people make the 90 deg union at the top of the backing plate removable so that the brake hydraulic circuit isnt disturbed during bearing maintenance which would be a superior mod to the backing plate removal..

I remember reading, years ago, about using the rear lines for a 60 series for longer front lines. Or maybe it was for the clutch soft line. (Which is the same size fitting). Either way it is something to look at. They might be long enough to get the drop from the frame. Get the rear line number from RockAuto or similar and check the lengths.
I'm guessing you are making your own lines to go from 9mm to 10mm.?
Thanks for your input! I have adaptors through Napa that convert 9mm to 10mm. I might use those or just run some new lines to make it clean. the biggest concern with a long line like that is hitting the wheel while turning and compressing the suspension. just wondering who has done this and what they thought of it after.
looking for some pictures of someone that has installed disk brakes on a 1970 fj40 with dust shield eliminators. what im looking for is were brake line brackets were welded on. both the axle housing and the frame and possibly what rubber lines were installed. 1970 axle brake lines feed each front wheel directly from the frame on both sides. disk brakes feeds the axle housing with one rubber line then to one hard brake line feed down the axle housing to rubber lines at each end connected to the calipers.

need pics
were to get weld in tombstones to secure brake lines.

thanks in advance

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