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Jul 10, 2017
Indiana USA
Last week after I arrived home in my 1987 FJ 60 I could not shift from reverse to any of the forward gears, engine off or on. Can shift into reverse from neutral. No noises from transmission before this incident occurred. Not clutch issue. Have not looked inside as of yet. Suspect linkage issue?
I had the opposite happen, couldn't get into reverse. Some idiot put the spring in before the detent bearing. Anyway, I hope your issue is than simple.
Is their any gear oil in it? Or did it migrate to the transfer case?

Look for broken motor mounts and check the trans mounts and cross member fastners.
Check the cushion under the stick shift lever. If it gets displaced due to decades of wear, the shifter will jamb.

X2 on the shifter seat,
try pulling up on the shifter while moving it.
Pulling up on the shifter works...still difficult to shift but I can move through the gears once in 1st gear...I assume that the shifter seat is available. Thanks for your help
yep, when the shifter seat wears or fails the stalk drops down causing hard shifting or no shifting because it is too low in the trans

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