Transmission Hissing / Straining Noise

Sep 27, 2022
Baton Rouge, La
Hey guys,
I'm going to try and be as detailed as possible with this, so I apologize if it's long and drawn out.
I've tried searching this across the forums and google, but cannot find anything related, other than adjusting the kickdown cable.

I'm having an on-going noise issue coming from my transmission underload while driving.
The best I can describe the noise is a "hissing" or "strain" noise and seems to only do it once I've engaged the pedal to a certain point. I can try and get a video of it for refrence to the noise.
A few things to note:
- It's almost identical to the high pitch hissing noise I hear when putting the vehicle into reverse.
- I can replicate the the noise by unbolting the kickdown cable from the bracket, and pulling it tight by hand.

Vehicle info:
1993 FJ80
RHD Imported from Japan
Just over 100k (US) miles on engine

To bring everything up to speed.... This issue started after a headgsaket replacement and messing with the cables.
I just recently purchased the 80 back in the begining of August, barely drove it for a month, and then tackled a head gasket replacment in the begining of September.
All went pretty good, no major issues.
During the first month of driving it, prior to HG job, I do remember it having that same noise while in reverse and I couldnt hear it much until I backed under my carport where the sound would bounce of the wall.
It is still currently making that same noise in reverse, no change after headgasket job or messing with cables.

* During the head gasket job, I did remove all cables from where they were mounted and made sure to only loosen one nut to remove them off the bracket to not lose they're adjustment posistion.
Well, ya know how that goes.

After finishing up the headgasket job and getting everything dialed in, I made a first test drive and imdediatley realized the shift points were off.
So, I did have to make small adjustments to the accelarator cable and kickdown/throttle cable.
During the first test drive I am positive I DID NOT hear the noise coming from the transmission.
It wasn't until a few passes later of adjusting the kickdown cable that I then heard the noise coming from the transmission.
After hearing it for the first time, I went back to check it out and investigate a bit. That's when I removed the cable from the bracket and found that by pulling the cable tightly by hand, I could replicate the noise while sitting in park.
I then put the cable back on the mounting bracket and loosened it up. The noise was gone, but the cable was too loose and everything felt sloppy and sluggish.
After many times of adjusting and fine-tuning the kickdown cable, I finally got it to where it would drive and shift just right.
Everything felt good, but the noise was back, and hasn't gone since.
Also, since removing the kickdown cable from the bracket and adjusting it, it's no where near where it was orginally set. I have it adjusted almost maxed out touching the rubber stopper just to have everything feel right and shifting good.

Is there anything I can try with the cables and adjusments that may help?
Has anyone ever heard this noise while driving, or at least in reverse?
Do I just have a stretched cable? Or is this a torque converter / transmission issue?

Any advice or input is appreciated.

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