1. fionnroche

    Transmission fluid temp sensor help

    new code just came up on my OBD for my 80 series. “Transmission Fluid Temp Sensor Circuit ‘A’ malfunction” is this something i could switch out at home or is it better to just go to a shop? trying to save money. let me know thanks
  2. luckylx

    Help: AT OIL TEMP ISSUE - LX470

    AT OIL TEMP ISSUE: LX470 I just purchased a very clean 2005 LX470 from the Lexus dealer in Henderson NV. 105k miles, 1 owner, seems to drive great. I was very excited …. However, there’s an ongoing issue with the AT oil temp. Backstory: I flew to Vegas to purchase. On my first attempt to...
  3. Baikalcruiser

    Wanted  [worldwide] 60 series A440F Planetary flange gears

    I'm rebuilding my A440F on HJ61 and struggle to find a couple replacement gears. Searched everywhere, been waiting for months now, only to get my orders cancelled again and again in different online shops. Getting desperate here, you know, when your workspace is piled with car parts which you...
  4. perrypr

    GX470 Torque converter replacement, trans fluid fill

    Hey All, I hydrolocked my motor and am in the middle of a swap, while pulling my old motor, I damaged the torque converter - it made a nasty ticking noise when spinning by hand. Have a new torque converter now, and no more noise when spinning on the trans - I already pre-filled the TC as much...
  5. G

    New transmission

    My transmission just went out on my 1988 FJ62. It has a automatic transmission currently. I've read that a lot of people like the H55 installed on this model. What are the pros and cons of rebuilding a transmission from a parts FJ62 with another automatic or going with the H55? What are the...
  6. Drake2

    Wanted  WI - Looking for Advance Adapter TH400 Trans mount (new or used) AA P/N 716004

    I know I can buy from Advance Adapters but hoping to buy from a fellow MUDder if possible. Will consider new or used if you have one laying around. Advance Adapter P/N 716004 Thanks, Drake
  7. hudsontucker166

    Need some flywheel help FJ40 ‘78

    Have a 78FJ40. Year ago put in brand new rebuilt 2F and mated a FJ60 new 5spd trans - completed by my local shop. Engine has been vibrating and pinging and rattling since. Mechanics now seem stumped but think the clutch burnt out due to me shifting 2-3K miles on the new trans. They want to...
  8. 9

    “Access door” behind oil pan to get into the trans is gone

    Ok guys, I feel really stupid asking this, and I’m scared to find out the answer. I’m 99% sure that this isn’t supposed to be like this and I’ve broken something, so I’m going to ask because I don’t even know where to start on the fix. (I’m also 15 and attempting to learn about cars through...
  9. G

    PWR button is not working.........

    Today I noticed my '97 fzj80 was taking off sluggishly and looked at the dash and noticed the PWR light was off even when the button on the console was depressed in as ON. I turned it back on and off a few times at a red light but the PWR light on the dash didn't come on at all and the truck...
  10. Fj80Cruisin

    A442f 4H reverse issue

    The reverse in my 94 (auto-tranny A442f) will not engage in 4H, but when I switch to 4L it works like a charm? I know 4L requires less torque to engage. But thats the deal? Bad flanges? Bad clutch packing? Bad tranny?
  11. FarmerFred

    Transmission transfer case rebuild referral

    Can anyone recommend anyone in the Midwest (I’m in Indiana) to rebuild 4sp and transfer case in a 1978? It needs syncros and bearings but runs and drives Im pulling it right now. Thanks.
  12. VAPny54

    2006 Sequoia Transmission Issue - Vibrations in Low Gear at Low Speed.

    Hi All - we have a 2006 Toyota Sequoia Limited (4.7 V8 with 230K miles). All in all, the truck is clean, no rust, maintenance up to date and runs smooth. That said, we've noticed it began to have a shuttering vibration in low gear - I believe shifting between 1st and 2nd. Once you ease off the...
  13. nahtanoj

    Transmission Shop Recommendations Near Trinidad? – 2000 LC Transmission Failure at 50k (50,381) Miles

    Hi Guys, I posted yesterday about my 2000 LC transmission possibly taking a dump at 50k miles and someone recommended I ask here... Does anyone know a trustworthy transmission shop in the Trinidad, CO area? Thank you in advance... Best, Jonathan
  14. nahtanoj

    2000 LC Transmission Failure at 50k (50,381) Miles

    Hi Guys, Does anyone know a trustworthy transmission shop in the Trinidad, CO area? I'm on a road trip and my LC decided to s*** the bed... I was going uphill on the highway at ~70mph and ~4k RPM when she suddenly lost power to the wheels, redlined to about 5.5k, and started making a weird...
  15. Deathvalleypaul

    For Sale  SoCal - FJ80 Auto Trans Knob for 1993 to 1997. Also T case shift knob available.

    Nice Rubber Gear Shift Knob (not leather), thus no rips, tears or wear. Use your existing overdrive button and wiring (so you don't have to do it all over again), There is a crack where it is not visible easily, see pictures. This knob only for 93 to 97 floor shift automatics. Shift knob is...
  16. L

    FJ80 Tranny / Shifting / electrical problem

    First time posting, need some help! 97' LX450 starting "slipping gear" on a large uphill, coming off of a rocky pass out in Moab. Drove back to Denver no problem. The next morning I had the following symptoms: - *only* when the engine/tranny warmed up, the truck would try start in 2nd or 3rd...
  17. Brewsterfire

    SOLD  Rebuilt H55f transmission Complete w/ transfer case

    Rebuilt by Valley hybrids August 2019. May have 2000 miles on it. Fits the fine spline diesel 3B or 13 BT. No shift levers Excellent condition. Will place on pallet. You make arrangements for pick up and shipping. I can get you contact numbers. $1995 USD w/transfer case
  18. ToddA

    For Sale  Tyler, TX... 1972 3 Speed Transfer Case & Transmission, Bell Housing, Flywheel, Etc...

    I have a pull-out setup from a 1972 FJ40 from when it was swapped to a 4 speed with the 4 speed transfer case. Rather than messing with adapting the 3 speed transfer case to a 4 speed transmission, he decided to just throw the complete setup in there (my boss' vehicle). So I have been tasked...
  19. T


  20. Omsok

    5 speed Transmission and 4WD switch Questions 1995 80 series 1HDT

    Hi all. I have a 1995 80 series with a 1HDT engine, and a 5 speed transmission. The transfer case 4WD is actuated by an electronic push button on the dash. Overall the vehicle is in excellent condition and I am very happy with it. Have not had occasion to use it in 4WD much, but that will be...
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