1. 2001Oda

    P0770 Code

    Hey guys, Yesterday morning while driving to work my CEL came on, didn't really think anything of it. Truck has been driving fine, after work went and had the code red and it gave me the P0770 Shift solenoid "E". Prices for the solenoid almost gave me a heart attack. Planning on swapping the...
  2. Billinator

    Wanted  Need 4 speed tcase linkage

    Doing a 4 speed swap into 72 fj40, need the linkage to a 4 speed tcase.
  3. R

    FJ62 A.T. Oil Light coming on?

    Hello, Yesterday I was coming back from Big Sur and at about 1:30hr into the drive the A.T. Oil light came on near the shifter. The drive isn't super strenuous just a couple of long hills on the highway. I noticed the shifter and console were rather hot to the touch. Any thoughts? Could it...
  4. A

    H55F Transmission shifting issue

    Hey all first time on IH8MUD, I am nearing the end of my mechanical restoration of a 1985 FJ60. I got the old beast started yesterday for the first time and realized I was unable to shift into gear. I have replaced the original 4 speed with a H55F transmission, which in the process I replaced...
  5. EricG

    For Sale  1993 1FZFE Engine & Transmission, blown head gasket - Colorado Springs, CO

    1993 1FZFE engine and transmission, 260K miles. Engine likely has a blown head gasket - haven't pulled the head to confirm, but that's the most likely issue. Before that, it ran great. Engine has Photoman's alternator bracket and a 120A Sequoia alternator. PS pump replaced about 2 years ago...
  6. E

    Rear Main Seal Job - Any special steps after Tranny removal?

    Hey All, I am getting ready to swap a transmission into my 98' LX 470, I unfortunately was dealt a blow with the strawberry milkshake of death ( radiator failing and pulling coolant into the transmission) when I installed my purchase Denso unit a few months back. I have not written...
  7. C

    Cruiser has a hard time with OD on inclines

    Hey guys, A brief intro as this is my first post; I recently bought an ‘04 100 series after quite the extensive search. She’s still just a baby at 120,xxx miles and since purchasing her I’ve dumped thousands into baselining her and getting preventative maintenance under control - timing belt...
  8. Outono

    Wanted  A442F hydraulic transmission for HDJ81

    Looking for a working good condition A442F transmission. This must be the full hydraulic model from an HDJ81, not the electronic version found in N. American spec 80s. Based in California.
  9. MauricioR

    H151F Replacing Synchros on a '96 J80

    Hi, since I bought my J80, the 3rd gear grinds... In the past it used to grind some times but now it grinds every time and now 4rd gear started to grind as well. 1st, 2nd & 5th are fine however I will replace all synchros. I am using 75w90 GL4+ oil on the trans right now, GL4+ means is a blend...
  10. B

    Changing Transmission fluid, worth it?

    Hello, I have a 2000 TLC with about 90k miles on it. As far as I am aware the fluid has never been replaced. Anyway, I know there are threads on this already but most of them are pretty dated and was curious if anyone has had experience with this more recently. I was driving up a road out of an...
  11. 8A939847-606C-47EC-BEB7-C7222FB94D51.jpeg


    Transmission cross member bolt
  12. L

    '76 FJ40 Locking up after moving a few feet

    I have a 1976 FJ40. There seemed to be no issues until one day I was backing out of the garage and at a very slow speed it just stopped as if the axle seized up. I could no longer move backwards. However, I could move forward a few feet, so I did, but it locked up a foot or so before I returned...
  13. thomasedwa

    FZJ80 died while idling for 10 minutes and has been shifting slow recently

    For the last month my 80 has been shifting a little slower, I didn't think much of it since the 80s aren't known for their fast shifting, but yesterday, I put my car in park and left the AC running while I was waiting for someone. About 10 minutes of keeping the car in park the RPMs started...
  14. OIO

    BJ42 Transmission/Transfer Case only weakly engaging. Help!

    Just bought my first 40 series. Canadian diesel BJ42 1980 3b diesel with 4 spd. The shippers were able to drive it on the truck well enough but when it arrived 3 days later, it can hardly pull itself. Symptoms. Transfer lever makes no difference regardless of position (previous owner said...
  15. mrjordann

    How does a 4-speed compare to a 3-speed?

    Hi. My 73 FJ40 hangs at about 2700 RPM to go freeway speeds, and my carburetor doesn't like it. And neither do I. How do 4-speeds do on the freeway? About what RPM do you guys run at (if you have the original motor)? If anyone has had both, how do they compare? Is first gear lower on the...
  16. D

    I am getting one and I need advise

    Hi I a newb here and I have been doing research on this subject, and all roads lead back here, so I wanted to ask the masters. I am getting an 1991 fj80, I want to put a new engine that gets better gas mileage, i would like to do it the cheapest way possible, i would like it to be somthing...
  17. DoubleNickels

    H55 Rebuild, Scratching my head here...

    In the process of buttoning back up my late 80's H55 and associated split case. In addition to swapping input shafts (thanks to help from Georg at Valley Hybrids), I opted to throw in new synchros and seals. I'm now hung up on what seems like excessive thrust/play of the counter shaft. I've...
  18. G

    FREE  DELETE- NLA 3FE bottom end with A440F

    Located in Redding, CA. If you want it shipped, you pay shipping. 3FE bottom end & A440F trans Bores look good with crosshatching. I don't know mileage, but it came out of @TRAIL TAILOR 's FJ62 donor rig. Probably should have done a compression or leak-down test before pulling it apart, but...
  19. BMThiker

    Transmission, A750 issues

    So a couple weeks ago I started noticing that my transmission couldn't decide on the right gear to stay in... typically when feathering the throttle in the 1500-2000 RPM range. I figured overdrive was having an issue so I started just putting the transmission in 4th gear when surface street...
  20. X

    For Sale  Transmission and T-case from 1997 Land Cruiser

    I have a 1997 A343F with HF2AV transfer case attached, pulled from a rolled FZJ80 Land Cruiser with 212,000 miles. Includes everything shown in the pictures. Looking for $350 plus shipping. I am located in Northern California (Sacramento region).
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