1. D

    CLUNK sound and LC acting strangely... p1121 fault code

    Hi, 2001 LC here with 173,000 miles, 100% stock. We were driving along this evening in the family truckster, almost home, going up a slight incline, when the check-engine light came on. Accompanied by a "clunk" sound (just one). From there, the car could move a little, but not enough to get...
  2. ToddA

    For Sale  Tyler, TX... 1972 3 Speed Transfer Case & Transmission, Bell Housing, Flywheel, Etc...

    I have a pull-out setup from a 1972 FJ40 from when it was swapped to a 4 speed with the 4 speed transfer case. Rather than messing with adapting the 3 speed transfer case to a 4 speed transmission, he decided to just throw the complete setup in there (my boss' vehicle). So I have been tasked...
  3. T


  4. Omsok

    5 speed Transmission and 4WD switch Questions 1995 80 series 1HDT

    Hi all. I have a 1995 80 series with a 1HDT engine, and a 5 speed transmission. The transfer case 4WD is actuated by an electronic push button on the dash. Overall the vehicle is in excellent condition and I am very happy with it. Have not had occasion to use it in 4WD much, but that will be...
  5. Ted Kush

    For Sale  1971 FJ40 Landcruiser Parts

    I have a 1971 FJ40 Land cruiser that I purchased as a parts vehicle for a rebuild of another. I have a lot of parts I will not need. I will ship smaller parts, however, larger parts are pick up only in Virginia Beach VA. Below is the removed items I have along with a pic of the parts vehicle...
  6. yodathegreen80

    Possible Rear Main Seal Leak

    Hi everyone, I am hoping to get a second opinion on a leak between the transmission and the engine. I have noticed the leak might be getting a little bit worse after I repaired the valve cover gasket and the distributor o-ring. The photos attached don't show much oil leaking because I wiped the...
  7. yodathegreen80

    94 transmission issue

    Hey guys, I was driving home from work today and after I got on the freeway I was expecting the transmission to shift down into 4th gear and lower the revs, but it held steady at 2800 rpms at 60 mph. I slowed down to 50 and the rpms dropped to about 2100 - 2200. I didn't want to blow the engine...
  8. Drake2

    SOLD  WI - 1976 FJ40 Transmission Cover - PRICE DROP

    Good transmission cover but it has an extra shifter hole for some unknown reason. One small area of rust through (see pic) and opposite side has a thin area on the lip but the basic contour is there. I will not be using it so making it available to everyone else. $125 plus shipping. I can...
  9. gamesogre

    Heavy Clunk Shifting Issue on 1996 Lexus LX450

    I'm trying to figure out why my automatic transmission 1996 Lexus LX450 shifts hard. The truck has about 185,000 miles on it, and the transmission is original. I filmed this lurching issue while parked with a GoPro on the concrete underneath. My strategy was to shift from park to reverse...
  10. BigDaddy89

    Transmission burnt out - need longterm storage for FJ62

    Reached a sad end the saga of issues that arose from a chevy engine conversion by Proffitts Cruisers, now out of business. A piece of debris was left in the transmission and when a thief stole the cruiser and abusively drove it the transmission burned out. We were hoping that our comprehensive...
  11. Velogas

    For Sale  Tulsa, OK 2003 Lx470 trans for core/rebuild

    2003 trans $250 Shifts P-N-D but only runs through 3rd, unsure of final diagnosis. Codes : shift solenoid and pump pressure ? Truck still drives. Replacing with a used trans v/s repair/rebuild
  12. B

    A440f Tranny + Transfer Fluid Capacity

    I'll be flushing and changing the ATF in the A440f this weekend in my hj61, but can't find how much fluid the transfer case needs. I have read the gear box itself needs 6ltrs, but I'm not sure if it is more with a complete flush. I will be using Gulf Western Dextron III ATF for both. Also, how...
  13. BottleRocket

    2000 LC Trans Replacement Options

    New owner of a clean, dealer maintained 133k mile 2000 Land Cruiser and the transmission gave out this Monday. 2 weeks after purchase. Needless to say it soured the taste in my mouth towards the vehicle but given the low miles and condition of the truck I feel as though its worth fixing right...
  14. 2019LCruiser

    Noisy Transmission

    Hello, I have a brand new 2019 Land Cruiser. I’ve put 1,300 miles on it. I noticed it sounded very tappy almost like a diesel when I was going through a drive through. I parked it and listened underneath. It sounds like it’s coming from the transmission pan area. I thought the transmission fluid...
  15. 2001Oda

    P0770 Code

    Hey guys, Yesterday morning while driving to work my CEL came on, didn't really think anything of it. Truck has been driving fine, after work went and had the code red and it gave me the P0770 Shift solenoid "E". Prices for the solenoid almost gave me a heart attack. Planning on swapping the...
  16. Billinator

    Wanted  Need 4 speed tcase linkage

    Doing a 4 speed swap into 72 fj40, need the linkage to a 4 speed tcase.
  17. R

    FJ62 A.T. Oil Light coming on?

    Hello, Yesterday I was coming back from Big Sur and at about 1:30hr into the drive the A.T. Oil light came on near the shifter. The drive isn't super strenuous just a couple of long hills on the highway. I noticed the shifter and console were rather hot to the touch. Any thoughts? Could it...
  18. A

    H55F Transmission shifting issue

    Hey all first time on IH8MUD, I am nearing the end of my mechanical restoration of a 1985 FJ60. I got the old beast started yesterday for the first time and realized I was unable to shift into gear. I have replaced the original 4 speed with a H55F transmission, which in the process I replaced...
  19. EricG

    For Sale  1993 1FZFE Engine & Transmission, blown head gasket - Colorado Springs, CO

    1993 1FZFE engine and transmission, 260K miles. Engine likely has a blown head gasket - haven't pulled the head to confirm, but that's the most likely issue. Before that, it ran great. Engine has Photoman's alternator bracket and a 120A Sequoia alternator. PS pump replaced about 2 years ago...
  20. E

    Rear Main Seal Job - Any special steps after Tranny removal?

    Hey All, I am getting ready to swap a transmission into my 98' LX 470, I unfortunately was dealt a blow with the strawberry milkshake of death ( radiator failing and pulling coolant into the transmission) when I installed my purchase Denso unit a few months back. I have not written...
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