1. T

    Transmission Hissing / Straining Noise

    Hey guys, I'm going to try and be as detailed as possible with this, so I apologize if it's long and drawn out. I've tried searching this across the forums and google, but cannot find anything related, other than adjusting the kickdown cable. Problem: I'm having an on-going noise issue coming...
  2. Highlex

    For Sale Canada: FZJ80 TRANSMISSION A442F

    Selling a good used a442f transmission out of my 1994 gas land cruiser, shifts perfect, no leaks or issues, asking 380 USD (or 500 CAD) Willing to ship at your expense! Located near Winnipeg, Canada. If you have any issues with the trans I will refund all your money. (I know its a good trans)
  3. L

    Can Lucas Transmission additive harm your transmission? '13 LX 570 135K

    Stock '13 LX 570 with 135K. No problems. Runs like a Swiss clock. Brought into my mechanic for transmission drain. Bolts were corroded on the pan and they had to drill and tap, and while waiting for the bolts to replace, it sat draining for at least 24 hours. I say this only to perhaps...

    Need Advice: 1974 FJ40 4-Speed Transmission rebuild or replacement options

    I need help/advice with my many questions about my FJ40 transmission. I have a 1974 FJ40 4-speed transmission roars (sounds/feels like bearings are gone, comes and goes at speeds over 40 mph) and I had a local transmission guy confirm it needed a rebuild. He said parts were discontinued and he...
  5. Bill92

    For Sale Dayton OH: 88 LC A440F valve body

    I have an A440F valve body. The transmission was slipping in R and 2nd, but first gear pulled very strong and it shifted into 2nd fine, as well as between D and R, so I think the valve body is good. However if it turns out to be bad I will warranty it. $100 + shipping
  6. Brc4ever

    Wanted Looking for A343 Transmission Pan

    Howdy mudders. I've got a 97 FJZ80, and was doing a trans drain/fill. I noticed that someone had previously screwed up my drain plug, and had poorly installed a timesert (or equivalent). When I reinstalled the plug, it started to spin. Now the hole is seeping, which is NEVER good. ;) Thus...
  7. stirrup

    Howdy! +Questions

    Howdy y’all. Been reading the forums for a couple years now. I own a rusty ol’ 89 fj62. Have had a lot of work done to it from K&H back in California. I’ve since moved to Texas and despite all the rust, the wagon gets some serious attention out here in the best way! All that to say, I am fairly...
  8. D

    1994 Land Cruiser - Transmission Pan Gasket

    I recently replaced my transmission filter on my '94 and used the rubber gasket that came with the filter. Unfortunately, the gasket failed and leaked transmission fluid everywhere. I am not sure if this is a common problem with rubber gaskets, but I decided to swap it out with a cork unit...
  9. Bardiya

    For Sale Dubai: 60 Series - 5 Speed transmission plate cover

    Takeoff from 12/1984 HJ60 Fits all 4 and 5-speed manual 60, 61, and 62 LHD & RHD Includes all boots x3 and seal 350$ Shipped (1 Week)
  10. C

    WDYD '99 Cruiser trans fluid drain and fill questions

    Hi all, I have a '99 LC100 with almost 226k miles on it. I'm not sure when the transmission fluid was last changed so I'm planning on doing a series of diy drain and fills rather than taking it in for a flush, but I have some questions. Should I go for synthetic? The owner's manual says to use...
  11. Tor88

    For Sale El Dorado Hills. 4.0 3FE Engine with A440F transmission 250k miles

    Having my 3FE engine and transmission swapped out. Engine runs well, clean, transmission is in good condition. Have some documentation of work done on the engine in past years. Will not include the A/C or transfer case. Buyer will need to pick up. The shop doing the work will load it into your...
  12. qrob

    Wanted Searching for engine and transmission

    Hello everyone, i am in search of a used f or 2f unit with matching transmission. I have a f in my 70 right now and after dropping the oil pan due to a slight knock last year due to some dumbass at jiffy lube putting on the wrong size oil filter.(normally i do 100% of my work but sometimes life...
  13. mrjordann

    Wanted Portland, OR: FJ40 - Bell Housing Wanted!

    Hi, I'm just north of Portland. Need a bell housing for my 73 FJ40 as my current one cracked. Thanks!
  14. newtomelx

    For Sale Houston, TX Transmissions & T-Cases

    I have two used 5 speeds and two T-Cases from 80s-90s Toyotas. The 5 speeds are I beleive a R150 and an R151, the T-cases are both chain drive passenger drop from 2 gen 4runner and a T100, All have been used but were working when pulled. W56 with bell housing from an '85 p/u $600 OBO R150...
  15. Bardiya

    For Sale Dubai: 105/7X - 1HZ M/T ECU

    Manual transmission ECU picked from a 2003 HZJ105 Fits HZJ105 and HZJ7X model years 1998 till present Part # 89551-60130 400$ shipped worldwide with 2 week tracked shipping.
  16. AZ80

    For Sale AZ: 3FE / A440F 143K MILES

    Will ship! Buyer pays. Specs are: 1 pallet, 5" over hang front/15" over hang in the back. About 750lbs. Buckeye Arizona 85396 residential $2000 1992 3FE / A440F For Sale 143,700 miles when pulled (LQ4 Swap) New plugs,wires,cap,rotor,water pump,AFM,valve adjustment Has AC,PS,ALT,SMOG,STARTER...
  17. Rvp

    FJ80 Transmission Gasket/Seal Part Number, Need Help Identifying

    Hi, Recently purchased seals for my transmission, and the rear pump seal is not the correct one i received. Below I have an image of what I have, the front seal was the correct one. I just need the one for the back of the trans. Any help is appreciated. 92' 80 series A440
  18. M

    Rebuild of A343F transmission

    Our ‘01 LC has been having intermittent issues with what we believe to be the torque converter locking up, which caused the car to stall when it moved to idel. This morning, it appears the issue has magnified as the gears won’t engage when put in drive or reverse. Assuming worst case scenario...
  19. NerfBeard

    Landcruiser 105 Auto to Manual

    Hi everyone! I have a 1Fz-Fe 105 auto and am contemplating doing a manual swap and have a couple of questions. If I swap a H series Transmission in do I need to do some chassis modding to make it fit? Where is the TCM located for the GXL model? Is the input shaft splines the same for the h...
  20. fraserb

    Fj40 transmission adjustment screw? Possibly

    While cleaning and installing dynamat I found what appears to be some sort of adjustment on my transmission. Searched the forums couldn’t find anything. Anyone know what this is?
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