Transfer case sticking

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Dec 4, 2003
Roanoke, VA
just wondering if any one has had problems with thier transfer cases getting stuck in 4wd it will go from 4 high to 4 low but not 2 high. just seeing if any one had any ideas before i tackled the job of taking it out.
Is your shift a vacuum-actuated or shift lever shift?
its lever shift
Could be a number of things keeping it in 4wd...

Bent/broken/missing linkage...
Bent shigt collar in T-case...
damaged gear/fork in T/C...

Most common IMHO, where the shift lever contacts the 4wd selector shaft on the t-case, it pops out of the channel it is designed to be in, essentially it isn't moving any parts.

Get under the rig and try and push the shaft back into the t-case, have someone move the lever in & out of 4wd while you watch... (tranny in neutral please) :D
Mine would occasionally stick, not broken, just out of lube. Crawl under the truck and next to the PS of the tranny you will see a grease zerk sticking out of the bottom of the linkage. Pump a shiiteload through there, made a MASSIVE difference for me, without having to dissasemble the linkage. Sometimes you just need to rock it back and forth and unload the gears. I never spotted the zerk cause it was covered in gunk until I spent a lot of time under the truck one day.
When I have problems I usually just put it in reverse do about 1800-2000 rpm's then unload the clutch and it works too
Sometimes the drivetrain *binds* up, and prevents you from shifting the t-case from four to two wheel drive. If it shifted into 4wd fine, then I doubt that you need to take anything apart. If you have not ever lubricated the pivot on the side of the trans, as pointed out by Bailey, it would be good to do so.

Good luck!

I have the same problem sometimes. My linkage isn't bent or crudded up and the transfer case is new. But I have the Chev adaptor linkage and I think I might not be getting a "direct" pull.

Can't say yet why it binds but the advice about revs and unloading works for me too. Annoying but you should see the way my friend shifts his heep linkage. Shocking!
here is an easy way to get back into 2wd hi, sometimes mine does not like to come out of 4wd,
with the truck in first gear and the transfer case stuck in 4wd hi, give the truck a little gas going in a straight line, have your hand on the transfer case knob then chop the gas very quick, as soon you do this push up with a very qiuck swift motion, will go into 2wd hi like butter!

works on my 77 fj40 great

Mine does it too, just drive in reverse while shifting to 2hi. no need to gas it, just nice and easy should do the trick. Should just be a little drivetrain bind. Prolly not worth the effort to tear it down.
I have the same shifting problem. I began having a hard time shifting after installing the front locker. Everything is bound up a little more than before. I either back up or go forward at an idle while pushing on the lever. I only need to go a couple of feet and its slides in nice and smooth.
Well it was a little low on oil and i greased the front shaft and with a little help from a rubber hammer it went in ok. shifts ok but still little hard to get in. Thanks for the help
[quote author=mwalls54 link=board=1;threadid=8541;start=msg75712#msg75712 date=1071457821]
Well it was a little low on oil and i greased the front shaft and with a little help from a rubber hammer it went in ok. shifts ok but still little hard to get in. Thanks for the help
With use and lube it should get better.
Mine would barely ever shift when I first got it, now its a 75% chance it will go in first try.

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