Toyota A343f A/T Shifting Problem

Nov 14, 2021
1990-Toyota Land Cruiser Prado lj78 2LTE.

Its automatic gear has a problem while shifting as per the normal functionality of the automatic transmission when it needs to shift into 2nd from the 1st gear it goes to 3rd directly and while shifting between these gears the engine rpm goes higher and the speed remains constant. Sometimes this problem occurs when the vehicle has just started and after getting to its normal temperature, shifting of gears goes proper and sometimes vice versa running properly in cold and making problem as the engine reach to its normal temperature.

The second issue is that the positioning of balls in the valve body of my transmission is different from the one described in the manual and when I try to put it in the same position the vehicle won't even move a bit. If anyone has pictures of the valve body for this vehicle's transmission plz do share.
Dec 30, 2021
Vancouver, BC
Hi there,

I had a similar issue this last year with my 1990 Prado, also automatic. Mine was randomly shifting to 2nd when I was at a stop and could only get functional driving by gearing down to first when I was coming from a stop to a green light.

It turns out that there was a cracked connection in the solenoid. After it was repaired everything was fine. I was lucky that I didn't have to replace it, but even then the part wasn't too expensive.

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