1. BiffS

    For Sale Vancouver, BC, Canada: 2x 1HZ engines, 2x 2LT-E engines, A343F trans

    Building a stockpile of engines and parts, need to clear some room and capital to finish our HD79 truck. All engines guaranteed running and condition as stated, all were from running vehicles and intended for our own projects, but it's time to focus up a little and downsize. Priced USD. All...
  2. HDJdreams

    A650F 5 Speed for 1FZ

    ”Fools rush in where angels fear to tread”:worms: Stay tuned :popcorn:
  3. U

    AutoGearbox A442 and A343 interchangeable

    Hi all! I m stuck in Zambia/Southern Africa with a transmission problem. While driving sudden loss of transmission like the truck was in neutral, regardless of shifter position. Had to get towed to the only gearbox workshop in the country twice. They've had the gearbox out and open three times...
  4. X

    For Sale Transmission and T-case from 1997 Land Cruiser

    I have a 1997 A343F with HF2AV transfer case attached, pulled from a rolled FZJ80 Land Cruiser with 212,000 miles. Includes everything shown in the pictures. Looking for $350 plus shipping. I am located in Northern California (Sacramento region).
  5. T

    Wanted Junk A343f

    Looking for a A343f tranny, in good or bad shape.
  6. HDJdreams

    Cruiser Brothers WAT valve body for A343F?

    Has anyone got the HD Nomad (Wholesale Automatic Transmissions) valve body kit VB5-343 (A343F paired to 1FZ) from Cruiser Brothers? https://www.cruiserbrothers.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/HD-Nomad-Valve-Body-Fact-Sheet.pdf I found one thread from a couple of years ago with 5 posts...
  7. 96TrailSurfer

    Transmission Overheats When Coasting?

    Help!! Transmission overheating problem has me stumped 1KZ-te with a340f tranny. External tans cooler in series with the radiator (radiator first, cooler second). Temp probe in the flex hose connecting the transmission outlet pipe to the rad inlet. When I am driving on the highway under...
  8. 96TrailSurfer

    Transmission Cooling

    I need suggestions for better transmission cooling. - 96 1KZ-TE with A343F AT. - B&M 13,000 BTU trans cooler connected after the rad (i.e. trans outlet - rad - cooler - trans inlet). It's installed in front of the rad. - 7" fan on the trans cooler blowing air at it - Synthetic ATF I find that I...
  9. H

    Rough shifting on automatic transmission (A343F)

    Hi! My KDJ95L has an A343F automatic transmission. The transmission has very rough/hard shifting between gears. I notice this when accelerating, and especially when using the cruise control. It seems like it is not able to sync the rpm correct. Anyone have any ideas? I have also found this...
  10. excessive

    For Sale A343F Transmissions parts for sale

    Parts applicable to FZJ80 cruisers from 1995-1997. My trans had the pump start to go bad in it, but I sourced a low mileage used transmission and just replaced the whole thing. This old trans shifted just fine, so I know the rest of the parts (Torque Converter, Valve body, Solenoids, etc. are...

    Torque Convertor for A343F FZJ 80

    Hi to all, sorry for my english I am Italian and I live in Baja California Sur... I need to replace a Torque converter fom my AT A343F, I contacted West Coast Cruiser for understand if the A440F Torque Convertor can be fit in my At, but maybe are closed ... Can someone support me with a...
  12. cruiserjunktion

    For Sale N Fla '97 A343F Tranny + xfer + Torque Converter

    Selling the trans, transfer and converter from a 96 lx450. $550 for all 181k. Good condition. Prefer local pickup, but will drop at fastenal for freight. Buyer makes arrangements. Rolling chassis also available.
  13. akmcruiser

    For Sale 1997 A343F LX450 220k

    Came from 97' LX450 with 220k on the clock and ran great when it was pulled Fluid and filter done at 212k Torque converter is not included $100 buyer is responsible for shipping from Maine SOLD SOLD SOLD a343f by akmcruiser posted Jan 26, 2017 at 6:55 AM a343f by akmcruiser posted Jan 26, 2017...
  14. iptman

    Aftermarket A343F Solenoids?

    Hello everyone, Does anyone know what the Aisin part numbers are for the 3 solenoids in the A343F? My transmission is severely slipping/chattering in reverse under load and I'd like to swap out the solenoid responsible for the reverse circuit to see if that fixes the problem. I've checked the...
  15. excessive

    Source for torque converter ?

    96 Lx450 Well after rebukldig my 1FZ-Fe engine , it's time to slap the trans back on and drop the motor back in to the LX. Upon inspection of my torque converter , I discovered the alignment stem is broken off. I asked a trusted local machine shop about reattaching, and they advised against...
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