1. madhok

    Lj78 A343f compatibility

    Hi guys Anyone know if an a343f from an ln130 surf or any other land cruiser will fit my lj78 Prado? Water ingress in the transmission has worn the friction rings and looking into options before I rebuild the box.
  2. M

    Rebuild of A343F transmission

    Our ‘01 LC has been having intermittent issues with what we believe to be the torque converter locking up, which caused the car to stall when it moved to idel. This morning, it appears the issue has magnified as the gears won’t engage when put in drive or reverse. Assuming worst case scenario...
  3. BLetty

    2000 LX470 Transmission Failure

    Adding another MY2000 100 series transmission failure here. LX470 with a build date of 02/2000, mileage is at 214,383 miles. Excellent maintenance since purchase 2nd hand at 140K miles. There was very little warning signs, a few instances of the feeling the transmission slipping in 1st and 2nd...
  4. JMM

    A343F Transmission HP / Torque Limits

    What do y'all suppose is "too much" HP / torque for an A343F transmission? I have a monster 1FZ-FE turbo engine build in process, and can dyno tune anywhere up to ~640hp on a billet bottom end that's good for 1,000hp+. However, I assume the transmission would spontaneously vaporize spinning 35s...
  5. A

    Toyota A343f A/T Shifting Problem

    1990-Toyota Land Cruiser Prado lj78 2LTE. Its automatic gear has a problem while shifting as per the normal functionality of the automatic transmission when it needs to shift into 2nd from the 1st gear it goes to 3rd directly and while shifting between these gears the engine rpm goes higher and...
  6. S

    What's wrong with my A343F Transmission?

    98 Lexus LX470 Transmission Symptoms Intermittent Symptoms – Can’t always be repeated, but happens most of the time under perfect conditions. While driving up a steep hill in 2nd gear (shifter in D) and gradually decreasing throttle input (like when there’s a stop sign at the top of the hill)...
  7. Lucasnj

    Intermittent Early Shifting and Failure to Downshift 1996 A343F

    If I floor it from a stand-still, the truck will accelerate and shift 1-2 @ 2,200rpm, then 2-3, @ 2,200rpm, then it'll stay in 3 until I let up and it'll shift to 4. From a slow cruise, say 20mph, if I floor it, it will not downshift. I can manually shift the trans normally. AFTER doing that...
  8. S

    90- Series V6 3,4 A343f What could possible be wrong

    Hi Everyone I just entered the new life of Toyota but i have some struggles. The challenges is intermittent. Some times/quite often the gearbox is keen on changing gear to the lower. Almost like is is stuck in kickdown. slightly load and it is changing gear. Some times during acceleration...
  9. N

    LJ78 Engine Removal

    Looking at overhauling my 2LTE myself. So I don't run into problems removing the engine. How or what is the best way to split the transmission (a343f) from the engine to remove it?
  10. amodal1

    For Sale San Jose, CA: used 1fzfe engine + A343F transmission

    I totaled my 1997 80 series last winter. I bought a '96 to replace it and have been swapping parts since. I had recently installed a newly rebuilt motor before the crash, so I pulled that motor and transmission to install on the new truck. Basically, I knew the engine/trans well from my wrecked...
  11. LJ78MacNeil

    1KD-FTV into LJ78

    The 2LTE in my 78 blew up at the beginning of 2020 and I've been looking for an engine to swap into it for a while now. I was considering the 1uz but I recently found a 1kd for sale in my area in great condition. My 78 has the a343f auto trans in it, and I know the 1kd was mated to this...
  12. YvesNL

    Builds BJ42 To UZJ42 Build thread, V8 Engine swap, 1UZ-FE, A343F, HF1A, Electronics, etc.

    Hi All, Short introduction to the 40- & 55-Series Tech: I’m Yves from the Netherlands, I’m an electronic engineer and am an electronic engineer with my own company. As most on here I love Land Cruisers and am the owner of a Land Cruiser HDJ100 with the 1HD-FTE 4.2L turbo engine. I use it as...
  13. TNT Tank

    A343f to 5.9 cummins adapter plate

    Hello everyone, I’m looking to do a cummins swap on my 1997 Land cruiser and I was wondering where I could a find an adapter plate for the A343f trans to the 5.9 Cummins. If you have any information please let me know!! Thanks, Trenton
  14. BiffS

    For Sale Vancouver, BC, Canada: 2x 1HZ engines, 2x 2LT-E engines, A343F trans

    Building a stockpile of engines and parts, need to clear some room and capital to finish our HD79 truck. All engines guaranteed running and condition as stated, all were from running vehicles and intended for our own projects, but it's time to focus up a little and downsize. Priced USD. All...
  15. HDJdreams

    A650F 5 Speed for 1FZ

    ”Fools rush in where angels fear to tread”:worms: Stay tuned :popcorn:
  16. U

    AutoGearbox A442 and A343 interchangeable

    Hi all! I m stuck in Zambia/Southern Africa with a transmission problem. While driving sudden loss of transmission like the truck was in neutral, regardless of shifter position. Had to get towed to the only gearbox workshop in the country twice. They've had the gearbox out and open three times...
  17. X

    For Sale Transmission and T-case from 1997 Land Cruiser

    I have a 1997 A343F with HF2AV transfer case attached, pulled from a rolled FZJ80 Land Cruiser with 212,000 miles. Includes everything shown in the pictures. Looking for $350 plus shipping. I am located in Northern California (Sacramento region).
  18. T

    Wanted Junk A343f

    Looking for a A343f tranny, in good or bad shape.
  19. HDJdreams

    Cruiser Brothers WAT valve body for A343F?

    Has anyone got the HD Nomad (Wholesale Automatic Transmissions) valve body kit VB5-343 (A343F paired to 1FZ) from Cruiser Brothers? https://www.cruiserbrothers.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/HD-Nomad-Valve-Body-Fact-Sheet.pdf I found one thread from a couple of years ago with 5 posts...
  20. 96TrailSurfer

    Transmission Overheats When Coasting?

    Help!! Transmission overheating problem has me stumped 1KZ-te with a340f tranny. External tans cooler in series with the radiator (radiator first, cooler second). Temp probe in the flex hose connecting the transmission outlet pipe to the rad inlet. When I am driving on the highway under...
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