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  1. G

    New transmission

    My transmission just went out on my 1988 FJ62. It has a automatic transmission currently. I've read that a lot of people like the H55 installed on this model. What are the pros and cons of rebuilding a transmission from a parts FJ62 with another automatic or going with the H55? What are the...
  2. chap79

    TSB-0092-20 For A/T ECU

    Since a number of folks have complained about the shifting in the 3rd gens I’ve attached the TSB addressing this issue. I went to the dealer and had them flash the ECU in November and can say that it made a huge improvement. The truck holds gears much better and actually will stay in 4th...
  3. Coyomog

    SOLD  1991 HDJ81 VX Limited

    I have a 1991 HDJ81 VX Limited Land Cruiser for sale or trade. The truck has a clean and clear South Carolina title. I am testing the waters. I love the truck and I am perfectly happy to keep it, but we are thinking about buying another camper, and I need a bigger truck. The truck has the...
  4. MFK

    92 Prado Auto Transmission Troubles

    Hi everyone. My 1st post here. I need your help. I have a 82 LJ78 for the last 4 years. I got tired of the underpowered 2LTE engine and swapped it with a 1KZTE but kept the transmission from old engine. Now, it is giving me troubles (tranny has been rebuilt once as it was slipping in all gears...
  5. regismiling105

    105 series transmission replacement

    Hey guys , ive recently had to replace my auto box in my fzj105 series i have the old box out, any tips on handling to get the new box in bloody heavy bastards
  6. sigorama

    For Sale  1988 FJ62 Auto Transmission and T-Case

    I am parting out a 1988 FJ 62 and recently pulled the motor, trans and t-case. This was a running and driving LandCruiser before I started parting it out. The transmission shifted fine in DRIVE from 1st through 4th gear but reverse was a little hinky. You'd put it in reverse and you'd need to...
  7. 96TrailSurfer

    Help with (what I think is) a Torque Converter Issue

    I have previously posted about the ATF temperature spiking in my A340F transmission when I let go of the gas. I think I narrowed down the issue a bit, so this is more specific post/question. In short, the issue arises when I am driving at highway speeds (over 80-85km/h) or uphill for any...
  8. wardharris

    HP Upgrades for Toyota Automatics

    WAT TRANSMISSION SOLUTIONS IN NORTH AMERICA Cruiser Brothers now represents Wholesale Automatic Transmissions (WAT) of Bayswater, Victoria, offering a range of high performance transmission components and complete, rebuilt transmissions for offroad Toyotas. HISTORY WAT is the world's leading...
  9. R

    Automatic transmission identification

    Hello, I'm fairly new to Toyota engine's I'm working on a project and I'm trying to identify what kind of automatic transmission I have behind my 1hd-t from a hdj80. The number on the serial plate says 0G 1009. (see the attachements) I automatic shifter that came along with the engine and has...
  10. 96TrailSurfer

    Transmission Cooling

    I need suggestions for better transmission cooling. - 96 1KZ-TE with A343F AT. - B&M 13,000 BTU trans cooler connected after the rad (i.e. trans outlet - rad - cooler - trans inlet). It's installed in front of the rad. - 7" fan on the trans cooler blowing air at it - Synthetic ATF I find that I...
  11. H

    Rough shifting on automatic transmission (A343F)

    Hi! My KDJ95L has an A343F automatic transmission. The transmission has very rough/hard shifting between gears. I notice this when accelerating, and especially when using the cruise control. It seems like it is not able to sync the rpm correct. Anyone have any ideas? I have also found this...
  12. E

    Inherited 1998 Taco 2.7 Need Suggestions

    My uncle left me a 1998 Tacoma 2.7L, Automatic, Single Cab, Front Lockers, 150,172 Miles It has not been driven regularly for 2.5 years. I finally have the registration and now I need some help putting together a list of what to check and look over as I turn this into my daily driver. I am very...
  13. nukegoat

    Automatic transmission cooler barb corroded

    Anyone else had this happen? The lower barb on my at cooler is almost corroded through. The top one looks completely fine. Is there a drop in new replacement that anyone has used instead of the oem? @beno whats a new one of these cost?
  14. MoabChris

    Towing an FJ40 w TH-350 Automatic?

    Alright forum experts. I have a 76 FJ40 land cruiser that I need to deliver 1,000 miles away. I trailered it on a uhaul trailer 500 miles with my wife's Honda Pilot a few months ago. Mainly because i didn't think it would make it on its own. I was in a bind and just did it. That seemed to...
  15. Tank5

    Wanted  100 Series A750F Automatic Transmission

    I a looking for a a750f 5 speed out of a 100 series preferably with 160k miles or less. I would like to get it with the harness, shifters, linkage, and interior center console if possible. Please let me know what you have.
  16. blissbomber

    First roadside breakdown in four years

    I Just finished moving from Northern California to Southern California, a 614 mile trip. I was towing an 8 x 10 trailer, fully loaded with our belongings, it felt about Max tow capacity for our fj62(about 150k on it). We stopped before crossing the grapevine(tejon pass) into LA, a long steep 6%...
  17. J

    Complete loss of drive a440f auto! Help!

    Just went for a test drive in our new auto a440f, 85 cruiser, just put new motor in and torque converter, went for a drive, travelled 10km give or take, went to go up a steady graveled incline when the gearbox started shifting down then loss complete drive in all gears as if it was stuck in...
  18. Boogie Chicken

    automatic tranny swap for FJ

    anyone have any suggestions on extending the brake cable for an automatic tranny swap
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