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  1. jurassic cruiser

    For Sale Santa Barbara, CA : wholesale automatics custom valve body for hdj81

    Hey there so I have been working on my cruiser for years and got this valve body a while ago but never installed it. I had bought it before I found out my transmission needed to be completely rebuilt so I did that with the wholesale automatic billet torque converters. Even still I didn’t want...
  2. A

    Toyota A343f A/T Shifting Problem

    1990-Toyota Land Cruiser Prado lj78 2LTE. Its automatic gear has a problem while shifting as per the normal functionality of the automatic transmission when it needs to shift into 2nd from the 1st gear it goes to 3rd directly and while shifting between these gears the engine rpm goes higher and...
  3. HDJdreams

    Cruiser Brothers WAT valve body?

    @orangefj45 Did the 200 notice any improvement in MPG? How was it modded (gears/tires/weight)? My 2013 is heavily armored on 285/75R17s (33-34”) with stock gears and gets 12-13 mpg. I have a set of time 4.88s that will be going in soon, that will give it close to the same effective ratio as...
  4. HDJdreams

    Cruiser Brothers WAT valve body for A343F?

    Has anyone got the HD Nomad (Wholesale Automatic Transmissions) valve body kit VB5-343 (A343F paired to 1FZ) from Cruiser Brothers? I found one thread from a couple of years ago with 5 posts...
  5. FJ Silver

    ATF leaking past the A440F Valve Body?

    My A440F was rebuild about 60K miles ago, but totally has about 270K on it. It has had a cooler since the last 40K miles or so. I've been driving the Cruiser a lot lately including a few 500 + miles day trips all loaded up and heavy. Now its not shifting into gears first thing in the morning...
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