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Oct 12, 2005
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New to the board but here goes -

I am rewiring a 69 fj40 with a kwikwire wiring harness. I am also using some mad electrical components for the remote start, relays, delco alternator wiring. Basically the wiring harness is a 12 or 14 circut for any hot rod, you do your best to become an electrician. I also bought some STSP toggle switches and I am using one for the hazard switch. I have two wires from the wiring harness, both for the hazard switch. My guess is one is power from the fuse box, the other is the return to the fuse box that would route to the lights. What I am reading on the posts, that sounds too simple to be true. But I am guessing I take one power in to the togle switch and connect the other to take the power back to the fuse panel to exit out the flasher to the lighting. Any guesses on how maybe painless or other rewire wiring harnesses work?

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Jan 4, 2005
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the Painless harness also has just two wires to the hazard switch, but it will not work. In Toyota's philosophy, the hazard switch is an interrupter for the rear lights, brake lights and the turn signals and there are connections to each of these from the Toyota hazard switch. Those connections you will have to keep if the switch is supposed to work. Similarly, you will have to keep (or recreate) the connections between turn signal and brake light switches to keep the whole circuit working. Alternatively, you could get switches that follow the American philosophy of wiring (pretty much all aftermarket wiring kits are based on that), but I have no idea how you would fit those for the various applications (or into the dash, for that matter). If you still have the old wiring between those switches, keep everything except for the power to the switch, and you will have to route the ground to an actual ground (rather than back into the harness ground circuit as Toyota did).

Also, make sure your relays for the hazard flashers and turn signals are on the same rhythm, if they are not, you are going to have problems (those relays for the aftermarket wiring kits are the cheapest things I have ever seen)

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