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Joel, TLCA #21509
Supporting Vendor
Aug 11, 2005
Peoria, AZ
Hey Joel. I enjoyed reading those articles again. I look forward to the 3rd instalment! Think we are due a road trip to Al Ain to see what we can find out that way.
Hey Arabian Cruisers! Name is Larry Britt, just got my hundy last fall and joined the High Desert Cruisers based in Albuquerque New Mexico USA. I do some travel here and there for my job and find myself in Dubai at a trade conference this week (returning to the US Thursday Feb 5th at 1 am).

I realize this is short notice, but if any of you guys are doing a run today (Sunday Feb 1st) or this Wednesday, it would be cool to ride along, connect with a distant club and get a sense of how this part of the word challenges these cruisers. I realize it is a long shot but wanted to reach out anyway - at least to say hello.

BTW, I have been receiving the TLCA mag and read your article Joel - partly what inspired me to reach out while I was here.

Take it easy. Cheers!
Hey Larry, thanks for checking in with us.

Doubtful that anyone would be doing any runs today. Sunday is our Monday here... ie. it's our first day of the work week. Wednesday is equally unlikely, though let's see if anyone else pipes up.

I'm in Abu Dhabi and it's a tough week for me here otherwise I'd offer to meet you some evening up in Dubai.

Thanks for reaching out, and thanks for the kind words on the article.

I might be able to disappear for a while on wednesday between 2-5pm for a short desert drive ;)
This might just work. I have a flight returning to the US from DBX at 11 pm Wednesday. I was going to rent a car and go to Abu Dhabi for the day but I would rather go wheeling. I can catch a cab to your location or what ever. What are your thoughts.
That can work. If you've been dune bashing before it won't be anything exciting, as a solo trip you need to stick to the easy routes :( I'll try to see if i can get a friend to come out as well. I'll pm you my contact number and i cans end you the meeting location or directions to give the cabbie
So did the this end up happening?
Hey Joel, as you can see from Desert Nomad's link above, we did end up going out. Had a nice run - very cool. Make sure that you spread the word in your part of the world that the High Desert Cruisers would always welcome a fellow Land Cruiser head. Please look us up if you find yourself around New Mexico.

Also, I will definitely try to give some more advanced warning should I find myself back in the GCC region.

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