Timing cover front seal removal

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Jan 3, 2019
Well I made another mistake of "while I'm there I might as well replace xxx" and tried to remove the front timing cover seal without success and possibly destroyed it in the process. How am I supposed to remove this seal to change it to a new one? So far I've only tried the brute force hammer method...which I take it wasn't the best idea.



The backside picture (#2, above) shows the labryrinth, not the seal. Don't touch it!

First, make sure you know the difference between the seal and the labyrinth behind the seal:

you could use a punch to push out the seal from the inside of the timing cover, just don't touch the labyrinth that backs up the seal from behind.
Also, don't use heat, since @Coolerman reported he tried to powder coat the timing cover and the solder melted!
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Don't do what I did. "OOPS"
Definitely touched the labyrinth and hammered it and the part is definitely recently powder coated
Since it sounds like I need to buy a new one, any difference between the F, F.5, and 2F timing cover? I have an F.5
@Igotmearedone nothing is different between the covers, except for a tab for a cooling line on FJ62's. Due to making similar mistakes I have put a 2f, 3fe and now F timing cover on my 1981 2F engine and can confirm their cross-functionality.
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Send a message to pardion here on 'Mud. Fair prices, no minimum purchase, reasonable shipping.

I'd add service with a smile, but I've only bought from him, and we've never met!
Thanks everyone, just bought from @Drake2. Much like project wrong way, the whole process of doing it wrong and learning is half the fun...but a little tough on the wallet
Use the old seal to tap in the new seal. If it is buggered then a suitably sized socket or PVC pipe/fitting from HD.
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I love it.

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