Thinking about getting my first 80

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Dec 8, 2005
woodlands TX
Sorry if this is posted in the wrong section.

I have been wanting an 80 series for a while, but I haven't been able to find "the one". THey are either out of my price range, or have waaayy too many miles. So I found this one for sale locally. 1997 80 with 135,000 miles. It is wrecked and the bags are deployed. I haven't seen it up close yet, but I'm thinking pretty hard about buying it and fixing it up. The only problem is that the guy is asking 7500 for it which I think is a little steep. Any suggestions on what a fair price for something like this would be?


Too much, walk away. Your looking at several thousdans in body work. Maybe closer to $5K

2 front fenders
grill and plastic crap

new radiator (Guessing)

who knows what else is damaged in the engine bay

Maybe $5K would be fair
the ad says it runs and drives so maybe it's not too bad under the hood. I'm guessing the radiator is atleast bent and is prob needing a core support. I can do all of the body work myself, I would just need a place to paint it. If I could have the truck and fix it for a total of 7500, then it would be worth it to me.
no way 7500 no way i know it is a 97. from that condition it would be a right off in canada. a friend of mine in portland oregon got a 93 80 with 150000 for 3500
it didnt come with lockers and the leather seats were starting to crack but the body and driveline were almost perfect. its just my opinion though.
Too much!!!

Offer him WAY less than that. (Definitely <5K, as Romer says.) Who else is gonna bid on it?? Why the heck does he think he can get that for it?

Put NO faith in the fact that the ad says it "runs and drives". Just what comes to mind: A/C condensor, tranny cooler,... And what about front end suspension/steering? "Looks" ok from the pic's, but...

Be patient, and hang in there,

I saw a 97 LX at a local salvage yard with a good title about 3 mo ago for 2700 and damage was a little less than your truck is showing. IIRC Rad support was pushed back enough to contact rad to fan but damage was just on pass side. Wasnt too bad at all. Didnt have the $ on hand, came back a few days later and it was gone. I really didnt Need it but it Was a good buy.
There are a lot of good deals in TX. Pass on that unless you can get it for next to nothing. It looks like he tagged the bump stop on a semi trailer. You're easily looking at over $3,000 worth of (cheap) body work there.
Another vote for NO!!!!

Don't worry too much high mileage as long as it has been taken care of. :)
NO get an older beat up one and do an engine swap and lockers and you would come up right around that price
This is advertised just up the road from me. Yeah I would sit and wait for something decent to come along as well. Plus the airbags are shot as well.
Another NO vote!
Maybe I got a little over excited by this. I know I can handle the repairs, but the dollar amount to get it where it needs to be will prob kill the whole "deal". I will call around today to see what I can get a front clip and airbags for (if they are even available.). Unless it is a spectacular deal, I prob will just pass and keep waiting for the right one to pop up.
Keep checking on the classifieds here in Mud too...There are always some great rigs being bought and sold.
Swank, since your just an hour away from me, I can send you a pm if I see something down here in the League City area!
Shot me a pm and let me know what your after!

$7500 for something like that? $2500, I'd still have my doubts...unless I had plans on parting it out.
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Search near by states for cruisers.

You might find a better one for cheaper, and all you need to do is make a day trip out and back
$3k or less...
No way in hell 7500. Don't forget possible frame damage. If it's got lockers and you can do the body work yourself, check it out in person and if it looks good low-ball him. But only if it's way low-ball. The only way you should buy a truck you have to do a bunch of body work on is if you make out in the end. don't forget your time costs money.

my $.02

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