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Feb 9, 2002
you guys might remember my neat little 3d model of a bumper i wanted to build to mount my warn 8274.

well it's done, and i wanted to:

1. help with your ideas
2. get feedback
3. show it off.

(not necessarily in that order)

check it out at.
and tell me what you think.
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[quote author=rusmannx link=board=1;threadid=4546;start=msg34186#msg34186 date=1061583732]
3. show it off.

Looks good, looks like it would simply rip through my commuter car :eek:
NICE Rusman, I really like the use of the heim joints. Lets here how they hold up after some hard pulls.
[quote author=CruisinGA link=board=1;threadid=4546;start=msg34230#msg34230 date=1061593382]
NICE Rusman, I really like the use of the heim joints. Lets here how they hold up after some hard pulls.
OK, I saw the pics (and it looks awesome), and saw the text, but not really sure I understand what a Heim joint is or the benefit? Was it the whole shackle mount?

Hey, I never claimed to be inntelegint :D ???
Hey Junk I thought I was the slow one? :flipoff2: :D
If you've never spent much time around tractors you wouldn't know anyway.
A heim joint is what allows a 3 point hitch on a tractor to have some flexibility, its a ball inside a ring with a hole through it, the ball can swivel inside the ring but cannot pop out.
Here is the closeup of the heim joint.
you can buy em... try mcmastercar or a local tractor supply place...

That is and awsome use of a hiem joint...never thought of something like that...used em as rod ends on race cars and such but not a shackle mounts

Bumper looks killer...may have to try something like that for my PTO winch :p

I think the junkster was confusing those with "hind joints" ::)
glad to hear you guys like it.
the heim joints weren't in the original plans.
we had been hashing it around for a few weeks on how we were going to mount those shackles. i happned to be in a tractor store looking for welding rod when i saw those joints and i relized how good they would work.

the problem is that you can tell they are made for pulling straight, and for lifting heavy plows or whatever from the ground. this is the reason for the bracing on the backside of the bumper.

it's been raining for a couple of days now, so when it clears up we're going to go get my friends heep burried so i can pull him out :)

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