the board is screwy(7-14-03)

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Jul 14, 2003
well, i went and did it!!! tried to change my avatar and now it wont let me have any avatar(says size is too big,even the one that was on here before!)
AND i accidently hit the delete user button so now i am starting over and the weird thing is even though i reregistered it shows my posts as a[glow=red,2,300]GUEST!!![/glow]

oh well, see ya around

doug"the guest"
now it just shows me as a [color=blue,2,300]"rookie"[/color]
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I guess Woody and Co. are woorking out the bugs! I'm still trying to figure out what some of the avatars are??

C-dan's looks like a pepsi can is trying to gather all it's molicules (sp) and put itself back together :eek:

Close my boy, it's a [glow=red,2,300]Keystone can[/glow]

When I resized it, it got a little wierd on me. But ya know after a few it looks ok ::)

I've been called several different things today too. Perhaps Woody will take pity on you and up your post count. Don't know if he'll appoint another "Deity" though since CDan gave being all powerful a try earlier! :eek:


I pled my case in front of [glow=red,2,300]The honorable Judge Woody[/glow] and was, politely I might add, told "NOPE".

So, I have had to settle for having been a "God-for-a-day" ::)
fixed the avatar issue...I had it set for 60x60 and should have had it limit to 100x100....corrected that.

hehehe....guess we now know what happens when you hit the "delete user"

(note: hltopper has been called nothing bad)

its all good Woody,i really dont care about post counts and such....and i had a chance to back outa the delete,but earlier i had deleted my "readers ride" profile and it fixed my picture issue on that so i thought what the hey,il give it a try!!!!!

just so yous guys know [glow=yellow,2,300]I AINT NO STINKIN ROOKIE!! :eek:[/glow]

whew, now that thats off my chest i will go and see if i can get me an avatar back up!!!!!

well well well,i dont know whats up but it still wont take my pics,i tried two of them and they both were working a while ago but today its a no go.

for what its worth both are less than 50 kb so i dont believe size is the issue

[glow=green]whoo-hoo now its baack-tried it one more time and bamm[/glow]
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