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Jan 15, 2002
Toquerville UT
I've been talking with a tire manufacturer recently, and they are considering making a tall/skinny overland type tire...the old Super Swamper Q78s were my baseline.

First, whats the "ideal" size? I'm thinking a 36x10.5 on a 17" wheel....but that also means finding narrower 17" wheels...hhmmm

Also, an agressive mud terrain, an all terrain, or one of the newer crossover patterns? I'm leaning crossover myself...

Looking for input, would be a 2018 size release.
That's cool. I have a 100 and just picked up some Hutchinson beadlocks, 17x8.5. Looking for tires now. I agree, I think 35 or 36x11 or 11.5r17 would be awesome. I'm a fan of the Cooper ST Maxx, had 3 sets now. Would like a strong sidewall and crossover pattern like that.
Personally I think a 15 or 16" wheel. But I have a feeling their will be demand for 17, so maybe just offer 15s and 17s. As far as tread I say all terrain like directional center with lots of siping like the Firestone car/truck winterforce snow tire and have big meaty outer lugs that let everyone know they are ready for business if aired down like the bias swampers or simex tires. Being directional people could run them forward to throw mud, dirt, water away from the contact patch, or backward to throw it into the contact patch. Also make it multi compound so the last 25% of tread depth is a harder compound so people can push it if they need to and not run it to the steel belts. Make some sidewall tread extend down the tires like the creepy crawlers. For size offer 33, 35, and 37" Heights all 9 or 9.5" wide.
I would personally think crossover tread design, as I see a lot of Duratracs in our local area. 17’s I would think would get the most support, followed by an even split of 16’s & 15’s. I agree, a tall skinny tire is missing in the N.A. market, however, I would also consider what the skinniest tires would be that would still fit fine on 8” wide rims since that would be a common stock width for a lot of us. Then aftermarket rims with a special narrow profile wouldn’t be needed.
17" seems like a better rim for a tall skinny tire. wouldn't the fj cruiser stock steelies do the trick?

I'm interested in this size.
Now using 7.5016 and all I hear is remove those ugly wheels, even from the :princess:
But more comfortable riding, acceleration is worse, with trailer uphill a challenge, far less rear diff locker sound, 2 inch higher, better grip in mud, the pattern is michelin, sound is a bit more but no problem, they are very heavy and seem impossible to get in usa for a normal price.
no need for special rims or spacers.
All terrain or not is simple to me, I don't carry extra mud rims, the tire I have must do it all.



I know the question is not post pictures, :hillbilly: but wide tires are not for me, they just spin on the mud, the skinny digs in and gives forward momentum.
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My tire of choice at the moment is the 235/85/16.
Been on my '45 (cooper st maxx) for a year or so and I have set going on my camper van (falken AT3/w) tomorrow.
It works out to a 32ish x 9.5ish size. Both trucks have about 2" of lift.

I think a larger variety of the 255/85/16 would be close to ideal for guys with more than a couple of inches of lift.
They are closer to 35x9.5.
Yeah, more 255/85r16 choice will make a lot of overlander happy... starting by me ! BTW, they are more likely 33+x10.5.

I have Toyo MT and I had Km2 in 255. St Maxx is not really available here. M55 is not a choice...

I would like to see more brand in that size.
Yeah, more 255/85r16 choice will make a lot of overlander happy... starting by me ! BTW, they are more likely 33+x10.5.

I have Toyo MT and I had Km2 in 255. St Maxx is not really available here. M55 is not a choice...

I would like to see more brand in that size.

Yes, closer to 33x10.5.
I've been running Super Swampers based on the sizes they offer currently running (Bias ply) 35x10.00-16LT SX2's on the 40 series mounted on Tundra steelies and 36x12.50r16 TSL radials on the 80 series stock alloys.



To have more options available in a tall skinny would be great, Interco has the sizes but are limited by construction being bias only in the SX2 line | Interco Tire
WOW! :worms: To each his own, but I always thought that a 32/10/15 would be about perfect for the "keep it stock", resto guys who want to run the stock steelies on their FJ40. My .02
My vote would be for hybrid AT/MT in 255/85-16. In general, a tire under 11.5" wide, in the 33, 35, 37 inch height ranges for 16, 17, and 18 inch wheels.

I think it is great idea. 275/85/17 then also use on DRW trucks for lifted application so load range E.

Yes a hybrid tread pattern AT/MT.

3 ply sidewall for current market trends vert aggressive sidewall.

Problem in the industry is true measurements so more to the true size vs smaller.

For Toyota trucks this will work on any OE wheel plus using an OEM wheel you have a larger drop center to help with bead retention.

Look forward to seeing progress!!!
I'd spring for a set of radials in 275/85/17, to avoid having to run bias...
I've been looking for 35sx10.5 on 15 or 17s. Open to sizes. I use to have the old 33x9.5x15 bfg AT and since they don't make them now have it in 10.5. I think a 33, 35 & 37 would be the main sizes or 34 & 36? 34 & 38?

I'm interested in an all terrain tread.

Can you share the company info? Timeline? Design? I believe there is a market for these, several Rover guys I know want tall skinny as well.

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