Tacoma shocks on a GX fitment question

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Feb 17, 2018
Hello all,
From my research, the front shocks from a 05-15 Tacoma should bolt up to a GX470, but when dealing with aftermarket suspension, is the valving and spring weight likely to be substantially different?

I have an opportunity to get my hands on some Icon shocks and want to make sure they're a solid upgrade. I'm running Icons currently, but they're in need of a rebuild and gaining an external reservoir would be an added perk of this deal.

I put 2020 Taco TRD-OR Bilstiens on my GX470 with no issues. I did need to buy a different bushing for the bottom of the rear shocks.

The front rides great, arguably has a little bit of a lift (.5") over stock.
Did you use the same Taco TRD coil or swap the GX coil onto the TRD strut? Was the rear bushing a Toyota part? Thanks in advance.
Thanks thundercatts, greatly appreciated!

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