Swapping in a 700R behind my small block

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Oct 18, 2004
Rockville, MD
I couldn't find much info when I searched on the subject so here's my progress.

Got the doubler kit on the way from:
Jerry Nichols
Colorado Offroad Express
210 haversham Dr.
Colorado Springs, CO 80906

Great guy to talk to I called at 8AM here in VA forgetting the time change :doh: and he not only answered the phone but helped get that thing ordered before he'd finished his first cup of coffee.

Got the doubler and adapter from someone on pirate for $100 after shipping.

We got the tranny pulled shade tree style at 20*F in the wind with 2x4s, a come along and a few jacks...

The Garage

Uh.. Clever tranny pull...

Here's the NP203 case

Is this all I need from the case? Seems to me like there outta be something in that wide open space....
hey - that's almost the same view from my house - if I could just see past all those trees....

I can't wait till you hit the trails with that baby...

Looks like to me you are missing the gears that the tranny output shaft drives. In that setup it looks like you will be spinning only your tranny.

I still got the whole setup available from my Cruiser guy if you are missing stuff.
He wants $100 plus shipping for the NP203 reduction box (with gears) and adapter to TH350 tranny.

Can someone else confirm that Doughboy is missing parts? That's not cool if a set of gears is missing from his purchase and I might be able to get him a gearset for it if necessary. Or if he did get hosed then he should send it back if the seller can't send him the additional parts.
I was getting worried... but two days behind the first box comes....

the rest of the parts :grinpimp: My mom was so happy to see um :rolleyes: that she didn't even complain when I spread everything out on the counter to take a picture to post up on mud.

Thanks for the offer though TOY350...


The 203 is belt driven right? or are you just using the chain-driven reduction part? Your truck is gonna be right when you get that hooked up, thats gonna be a s***load of gear. Id love to throw a doubler in mine, but thats about 10 mods ahead of where i am now.

you just use the gear reducition part and throw the rest of that big heavy case and chain in the recycling box... Glad you gotthe gears and adaptor....keep us posted as how it all turns out and if you have any questions I have taken mine apart several times:frown:
Ahhhh....glad the rest showed up! Keep us posted on progress.
Good luck!
We started the rebuilding process this afternoon... in the carpeted apartment... pictures to come later...

good idea? maybe not but it sure is fun :flipoff2:
make sure you drink lots of beer when rebuilding anything...that's rule number one :beer:

Got it all torn down tonight. When we first turned the tranny over to get to the bottom the fluid POURED out the dip stick hole and ran across the table. We managed to get a towel under it untill we could get a few milk jugs there to catch the drip. No pictures of that cause if my roommate ever found out... :beer:

Here's a few pictures of the project... going real well this far. I did pick up the haynes manual. No beer mixed in today as we got drank under the table by a couple in their mid-60's this weekend! 5 bottles of wine across 5 of us on Saturday...


Notice the can of air freshner to try to hid the burnt tranny fluid smell...

Can you find all of the check balls in this picture? :flipoff2:

I love it....only can be done when you are young....not like I am that old but man what would my wife say if she saw me do that....
calfj60 said:
I love it....only can be done when you are young....not like I am that old but man what would my wife say if she saw me do that....

I hear you on that! That picture had me laughing...where there's a will, there's a way. Nice work!
Haha apartments and wrenching dont go really well together, my roomie got mad at me for rolling my trxus through the house onto my porch to store them while i put the stockers on for a long ass trip.

Mud tires make nice coffee tables though.
that picture of the tranny on the table in your apartment is worth a thousand words! Classic man... just classic.

Luckily my apartment has a garage... but I have some car parts in my room (that are clean). Wonder why I always have a new chick every 6 months? :grinpimp:
calfj60 said:
I love it....only can be done when you are young....not like I am that old but man what would my wife say if she saw me do that....

LoL, I can think of a couple of things my wife would have to say about that. I get it for just walkthrough the livingroom to the garage with my chainsaw.
There are truck parts and random tools all over my room. If i turn around from where im sitting i can see 2 sets of shackles, u bolts, brake lines, frame pins, a jack, open tube of dialectric grease....

Good thing my girlfriends dad is a mechanic and she likes the whole grease/gojo smell thing and understands the whole hoarding parts thing :D(although she seemed a little exasperated when i told her i was gonna go to the junkyard to pull some extra birfs and such, she just shook her head...).
I think I found out why this tranny was "slipping a little" after being rebuilt a few years ago. There is a clip jammed in between the splines of the low-reverse support reaction assembly. Worked on it for about 2 hours last night with my roommate but I cannot get it out. At fist I thought it was a rendom snap ring that just got lost in there... but now I think it's the low-reverse clutch retainer spring... bummer


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