Started 40 today after a 4 year hibernation. Issues?

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Jun 24, 2005
Omaha, Nebraska
I finally got the 40 started today after a 4 year hiatus due to school. 400SBC, Performer intake and 600cfm carb.

All it took was a new carb, fuel lines, fuel filters and clean fuel.

The only issue I have now is that the top of the radiator seems to get ridiculously hot after only running for about 4 minutes. I checked the level, and ended up adding about a half gallon of 50/50. What spilled out sizzled away on the top of the rad.

What should I be looking out for after this long of a hibernation? Stuck thermostat? Plugged water jacket? Anything else?

I dont want to blow her up after just getting her running again.

Thanks, Hodag

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