split second mass air flow conversion kit

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Aug 5, 2022
hi, search the forum but couldnt find clear answer so..
has anyone experienced with split second mass air flow conversion kit on 3fe?.
is it complicated to perform?also, whats the cost? couldnt find .
Here's some info for anyone interested. I reached out to inquire about the kit. Decided to pass based on the price vs perceived benefit, but this could be helpful for someone else up to the conversion. They included the install PDF.

Yes, we can still put a kit together for you. Installation requires that you do some cutting and fitting of the mechanical components (top of air box, reducing elbow, etc.). You will have to make some wire connections near the ECU. You also will have to do some street tuning for peak performance. I strongly recommend a wideband AFR meter for tuning. The price for the kit is $857. The installation instructions are attached.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Mark A.
Split Second


  • MAF Kit Toyota Land Cruiser Inst 91 92.pdf
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