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Aug 29, 2002
Port of Indecision...otherwise Northern Arizona
It's crunch time for Mexico gentlemen...I'm trying to figure out if a couple more items are worth the expense to throw in the "spares" box, and need some input. (No rock crawling, just expedition style wheeling, which you can read..."I'm gonna be gentle.")

Hard spares (OEM) I have:

Hoses, belts, fuel filter, cap/rotor/wires/plugs, water pump, heater/fuel line, oil filter, rear brake cylinders, EFI relay.

What I'm debating on:

Alternator, coil, fuel pump.

Roughly looking at a couple hundred bucks used to get the rest, and I need to make a decision here pretty quick. What do ya'll say!

I'd be carrying two spare tires that is for sure.

And if you are saying a couple hundred $ for the last few items a fuel pump isn't going to be on your list. But you could take a fuel filter. I also carry extra fluids: antifreeze, water, oil, gearlube, etc... I put them in little 1.5 gallon gas cans and stuff them under the hood.

You might search a bit I know there are lists of spares that folks carry for expedition style wheeling. That might be helpful.
I am planning on finding used for the spares (most expensive item is the alternator at approx. $100)

...running out of room for another tire with a rooftop tent and two 13' kayaks, plus sand ladders on the roof.

I do have tire repair plugs/patches and a compressor that'll seat a bead, and all tires are within 10K of new (BFG MTs) with a new spare.

Yup, of course I have fluids... ;)


Get a tire string plug kit with the gooped up strings and the T-handle installer. They will work on most nail-type punctures and you won't have to remove the tire from the vehicle to use it in most cases.
They take up little space.

Got 'em, Thanks Dan!

What is your take on the Alt/coil/fuel pump? I don't have any indication that they've been replaced, so I'm assuming they're all original. At 183K, should I take the chance that they'll last another month?

Of course, worst case scenario I have to stay somewhere and kayak a couple of days while I get you to ship a part to BFE Baja... or Skeddy and I drive to the states then come back down with the part. Hmm....

Need your opinion, 'O great parts guru! :D

I didn't see air filters in your list.

I have to agree on the extra spare tire. I know you said you planned on being gentle, but some of the roads are so washboarded that I've shredded tires without even realizing I had a flat.

You might find that you can't resist turning off a dirt road to go to a beach that you can see. Then it's cactus needles in the sidewall.

I carried extra starter, alt, water pump, fuel pump, and all those other things you have. In thousands of miles in Baja with the FJ55 I never used even one of those things. it was always tires that I didn't have enough of. You'll see more llanteras (tire sellers) than taco stands - for a good reason.

BTW, many months ago I mentioned a book with satellite photos covering all of Baja.I have looked through all of my baja stuff and haven't found it. Maybe I lent it to someone.

Have fun,
As far as the alternator is concerned, you may just pot to carry a brush pack and bearings although that could be a difficult trail repair. A coil and fuel pump take up little room. If you pot for a pump get a sock and sock retainer as well along with a bracket-to-tank gasket and gaskets. for the pressure line.
I think I'd be more concerned about the igniter than the coil.
...I think my head is going to explode. :-\ :doh:

For air filters, I've got a new OEM filter with a snorkle and centrifugal pre-cleaner, so I was hoping to just replace it when I got back.

Anyone have a spare 91-92 alloy wheel?
(Of course, then I'll have to fabb one of Geiger's internal many weekends left?)

I think I'll just keep Dan's card in my wallet and have the sat phone charged up... :-\

Too late for patch or plug...
Duct tape?..................... :flipoff2:
one time in Baja, came across a truck dead on the side of the road with a busted radiator hose. Got it going again with just a bit of duct tape. Saved the day I thought. And a small step for US/Mexican relations. Not that he was very grateful, though :-\
Don't fret over getting an alloy although they are plentiful used at the tire stores around here. Just get a white steel wheel 15x7 or even 15x8 they come with 3.5 and 3.75" backspacing stocked at almost every tire store in the country. Should be about $35. Remember, it is just to get you home it doesn't need to be pretty.
Starter contacts. Some extra 14 guage wire.

Don't know if the 3fe and the 1fz use the same alt or not, if it does, then you two should be covered by one spare for the two trucks.

Just remember you're a smart noodle and you should be able to figure out how to get out of most jams. You'll be fine. Have a great time.

Remember this :flipoff2: may not be well received. :flipoff2: :D :D :D
got a set of spare alloys in my garage, sure you dont want to make a round trip through the northwest on your way to baja? I keep thinking I will use these someday but havent yet.
don't forget the por_ {edited for content :flipoff2: } but includes magainzes. :flipoff2: :eek: :D

Just like you know when the climbing trip is too long when you go from fantasizing about women to fantasizing about food. :flipoff2: :D
Take about 5 EFI relays unless you have upgraded your fusebox wiring.

So that all the planning and prep doesn't get you down, here's a taste of what you can do down there....notice no roads
And this is where it got us. Not another human for miles and miles and miles...

That's exactly what I'm looking forward to! Can't wait to get the kayaks out on the Sea of Cortez!

:D :D :D


Yup, you hit the nail on the head exactly....I've also had some adventure races that after 44 hours you just fantasize about sleep!



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