Some snow pics near Mt hood

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Jul 21, 2003
Wilmington, NC
Here are some pics of the trip me and my wife took to find a lookout near Mt hood. Got in some snow and had one hell of a time getting back home before midnight!! I need some 4wheeling friends in Oregon, trips like that should not be made with one vehicle!!

the lookout
the dogs
I don't have the third row seats in. They fit fine back there. That is one reason I got the landcruiser! The dogs love it with the slide windows back there. they do miss the 4 runner we had with the slide down back window. When we moved to Oregon from NC this summer I drove the dogs out here. That was a fun 6 day drive with them!!! :D
I don't see an ARB so I would assume you don't have a winch? Also don't see a CB. Got a cell phone? I would definately recommend wheeling with at least 1 other vehicle, especially in the snow.

Great shots btw. Pretty place. We just got snow up here in WA today.

Where in OR are you?
No, I don't have a winch, YET :-[. I don't have a CB either (don't know who I would call out there. Yes I had a cell phone but I never have any service out in the mtns here in Oregon. I am trying to meet some people to go with me but have had no luck. The wife got a little worried on that trip. I hiked for about 2 hours in the snow to find the tower and by the time I made it back to the car my tracks were covered and It was dark. then I had the hour trip back out to the main road. It was a blast! I do have a lift but it is at home in the garage. Maybe I will get it on tonight

Located about 10 south of Portland (sherwood Oregon)

tim, you're flirtin' with the devil, doing that sort of stuff -- for your pups, your wife and you -- !!

her is apic for you none snow people
One of my cruiser and a dead whale.


A husky shouldn't be wearing a sweater....for shame, for shame!!!!

I know there is at least one wheeling 80 in their group. I know there will be at least 2 or 3 by spring. One is doing a V8 conversion on his 91.
There will be no snow in SE Pa this year 'cause I just bought a
snowthrower and a bunch of winter gear. ;)
I live east of Portland, Or and plan on going wheelin probably the first week of Dec. on a club trail x-mas tree run. Although the club is not vehicle exclusive, the gear and equipment you bring is standard in general for wheelin conditions. I'll bring my stock FJ80 only because we'll be in good company... Let me know if you are interested in going.

[quote author=waldrtw link=board=2;threadid=7762;start=msg65207#msg65207 date=1069269064]Located about 10 south of Portland (sherwood Oregon)



My mom and her boyfriend are living in Waldport OR about 2 1/2 hours from you :D

she left her cruiser with me though..... :D :D :D
I once drove to that place in a Bonneville (no snow).

I wouldn't sweat it too much :D
The Husky is not wearing a sweater, it is a rain coat!! If you know Huskies than you should know that they can withstand cold temperatures but not when they are wet. It started to rain by the end of the day.

Yes i will be going on the tree run in Dec.

[quote author=waldrtw link=board=2;threadid=7762;start=msg67089#msg67089 date=1069652650]

Yes i will be going on the tree run in Dec.

Which club are you going with ?.....

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