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SAS #4 Color Choices

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Apr 9, 2019
Well I share with this group what just happened in a parking lot. I was driving the 60 and a guy stopped me. Told me that he loved the rig. Told he had a newer Jeep and that the 60 would out wheel it on any trail. I appreciate the honesty.

Side note: decided to turn the 60 into insurance after my roll over at SAS. Waiting for the estimate. So fingers crossed and pray to the FJ gods that they don't try to total it on me.
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Sep 27, 2016
Chicago IL
As of now I'm looking at tentative dates of 17th-24th. @MoJ @wfd175 that sounds pretty good, would be nice to sync up.

Pretty loose itinerary and weather permitting. However, I am open to anything after the Kokopelli.

10/16 - Departure from Chicago
10/17 - Rabbit Valley Campground
10/18 - Kokopelli into Moab ~ETA 10/20 (2 Day)
10/21 - Shaffer/White Rim ? (tentative) (1-2 Day) depends on how ambitious we want to be
10/23 - Either of these - Elephant Hill, Poison Spider, Kane Creek/Hurrah pass - pretty open to other trails
10/24 - Departure back to the Midwest

I think the gang below is interested. Anyone else is more than happy to join. Open arms.
@Jason hansen @John McVicker @ceylonfj40nut @Saddletramp @dogfishlake @WheelDrivenADV @mesa man @Mesa Woman

Convoying with me from Chicago will be my friends Chevy (Tacoma) and maybe Peter (GX470). If anyone else wants to tag along with the mini convoy feel free.

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