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John Staton

Oct 23, 2017
The Woodlands, TX
1985 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60 - $14,000.00 OBO, Kansas City, MO

I am the third owner of this truck, and have owned it since November 5, 2013. First and second owners were both in central Florida. I bought it from the second owner and drove it home to KC (17mpg on that trip) with 145,800 miles on it. I have very few service records receipts from the previous owners, but I have a notebook that has traveled with the truck giving some documentation of previous owners maintenance/repairs. I have documentation of my repairs since I have owned it. I daily drove this truck for the first three years of my ownership, and it has performed flawlessly. I only drive about 25 miles a week (short work commute) so the miles don’t go up very quickly.

I don’t need to sell this truck, but on the other hand, I am ready to move it and I am ready for something new. No trades, thank you. This is my second FJ60 over the years, so I feel I have a pretty good handle on what they are, their nuances and what they are worth. This FJ60 market is somewhat crazy these days; trucks of similar pedigree ranging from $5,000 to over $20,000. I have priced it in the middle-ish, but go ahead and shoot me an offer… worst I can say is no. I will also accept offers over my asking price. :]

Vehicle details:

1985 FJ60

VIN: JT3FJ60G4F1130622

Mileage: 150,500 (will go up as it is in my daily driver rotation)


Stock and original 2F


Stock transmission, transfer case and differentials. Transmission shifts smoothly, clutch is light and predictable. 4WD works flawlessly. The engine seeps a little oil around the oil pan, but rarely drips. The power steering pump leaks a drop or two, otherwise it works great. I only notice fluid leaks after the truck sits in one spot for a month or so it will have a 3-4 inch diameter spot on the driveway/garage floor, of what I believe is power steering fluid. I top off the power steering fluid about once a year. (I hear that is pretty good for an original FJ60 power steering pump.)


Stock, but previous owner in his notes stated he added oversized (1.75” lift) shackles from Southwest Off Road, and ProComp Add-A-Leaf spring (1.25” lift) and 4° shims on front axle. It’s hard to tell, but I believe it has ProComp shocks of some sort. It rides fairly smooth, bigger highway expansion/bridge frost heaves will give you a toss, but smaller bumps are absorbed fairly well.

Wheels & Tires: Stock wheels with BF Goodrich K02 mud terrain tires 33x10.50r15. (Installed November 2014 - at least 80% tread remaining) The chrome wheels are in remarkable shape, I clean them once a year with 000 steel wool and water.


Above average shape. Repaint at Macco in Overland Park, KS November 25th, 2013. Had them use original paint code to match the color. I removed all trim, emblems, lights and grills, they did all prep and paint work as well as fixing a couple of door dings and minor surface rust repair behind the right rear wheel well (typical FJ60 rust location). I paid for their top level of service. They did a pretty good job and the paint is holding up well and still shines very nice. The repaired rust spot has just started to bubble behind the passenger wheel well. This same wheel well has a dime size bubble at the top of the opening that has remained dime sized for about two years now. Not really sure why it hasn’t grown, but whatever… I am not poking at it. The driver side has bubbled slightly around the rear mudflap screw holes, but once a year I mitigate that with a Dremel, some fresh primer and some paint code matched touch up paint. Other than those typical rust spots, this vehicle is rust free. Photos will show these areas and verify the lack of rust everywhere else.

Bumpers are pretty straight. The front has a barely noticeable bend on the driver side, and the rear has also been tweaked slightly. The are both free of rust (other than where Macco ground off the old carriage bolts on the rear bumper… still kicking myself for not making them re-chrome or replace that.)


Very clean. There is some surface rust here and there, but structurally, it is very solid. Once a year, I will climb under the truck with a 5-in-1 tool and a pressure sprayer and clean every thing up, and then rattle can the frame/axles and suspension components. Every time I climb under there I am amazed how clean and rust free it is.


Very clean. No stains on upholstery. Original headliner which is pretty clean, but has a couple of small holes from the previous owners peculiar home made fishing pole rod holders. The passenger seat has a small 2 inch tear in the inboard side (I assume at some point the driver and passenger seat were switched to stop the wear on this seat.) The dash has one small crack on the right side of the instrument cluster at the base of the windshield and is a little beat up around the radio. Front and backseat carpet are in good shape for their age, the cargo carpet is bad and will need to be replaced if you want to win any auto shows…

Maintenance and repairs during my ownership:

  • Nov ’13 - Wiper blades. New Toyota shift knobs. (DIY)
  • Dec. ’13 - Paint job (Macco)
  • Oct. ’14 Oil and filter, Battery and replaced dead alternator (all DIY)
  • Nov. ’14 - 5 BFG K02’s including spare (local Firestone shop)
  • Dec. ’14 - Front rotors, pads, rear drums and shoes, fresh brake fluid (local Firestone)
  • Jul. ’15 - Oil and filter, (148,669mi 10w40) Plugs, cap, rotor, plug wires, air filter, PCV valve, fuel filter. (DIY, all parts from Molle Toyota with my TLC membership discount! Yay OE parts!) Also replaced all vacuum lines with high temp silicon vacuum hoses. Lubed all window regulators (all DIY)
  • Aug. ’16 Oil and filter (Fram). Installed non retractable rear shoulder belts. Replaced previous owner aftermarket antenna with new Toyota antenna. (Toyota parts, DIY)
  • Jan. ’17 Hydraulic clutch master and slave, clutch assembly replaced, rear main seal replaced, front wheel bearings repacked, steering components (tie rod ends, etc) replaced, and alignment performed. Carburetor cleaned and adjusted, valves adjusted and new valve cover gasket. (All maintenance performed by 25 year Toyota mechanic per my request at Molle Toyota). Runs fantastic. Steering is much improved.
  • Jun. ’17 - Replaced rear drums, shoes, wheel cylinders, and all other drum brake components in a complete drum brake rebuild kit. Installed new parking brake cable, and new parking brake bell cranks and dust guards. Packed dust guards with grease. Adjusted rear brakes and parking brakes. Parking brake will hold vehicle on significant grade. (All DIY, with Toyota parts)
  • Jul. ’17 - Installed new Pioneer head unit. Installed FJ62 rear seat upper to allow for the installation of stock Toyota backseat headrests.
  • Nov. ’17 New Toyota battery tray and new battery.

Parts that come with the truck but not yet installed:

Retractable rear shoulder harness kit with all trim pieces from an FJ62. This kit is about $400.00 and is getting increasingly hard to find, particularly in brown. New Toyota oil filter.


A/C is not working. Previous owner noted in his notes in August of 2008 at 139,000 miles, he had A/C fixed. When I purchased the truck the A/C was inoperable, and no belt was on the compressor. I have a short commute, so I didn’t care. I have no idea what is wrong with the system and have no intentions of fixing.

4WD green indicator light is out. Never worried too much about it. 4WD lever shifts into 4HI, N, 4Lo and back to 2 Hi smoothly, 4WD works great.

Lowest setting on blower motor does not work, all other fan speeds work fine.

Head light washers disconnected (I don’t like blue water sprayed all over the place).

Rear speakers have been disconnected but the front speakers are functional. I usually prefer the songs of the mid ’80’s Toyota over music.

The windshield has a small star from a rock chip… been there for years, has never gotten any bigger.

This has been a great truck and we will miss having this old family hauler in our family, but I am getting old and soft. I NEED modern amenities in my life. I am looking at you GX470…

I have a clear title in hand. I have purchased a vehicle on the internet, so I am familiar with the anxiety of buying a vehicle sight unseen. I will try to accommodate all reasonable photo or other requests as best I can. Further, for those prospective out of town buyers I am happy to take it to the shop of your choice (again, with in reason) for a PPI. You will have to arrange and pay for the inspection but I will assist in getting the truck there.

I am posting here for a couple of weeks before it will be listed on Craigslist/AutoTrader etc... Would really prefer it goes to a Mud member.

Pictures to follow...
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John Staton

Oct 23, 2017
The Woodlands, TX
Bought one that is very similar from Arizona,,,1983. Pretty much same specs and color but the engine had been rebuilt. Paid $13K for it so I think you have it priced right. They guy I picked mine up from was in a hurry for some reason.
Nov 7, 2013
Thanks John. I think I am in the ball park on price, but I am open to reasonable offers...

Folks seem to be crazy about Overlanding rigs these days. I have half a mind to paint the wheels black, throw some bumpers, sliders, roof tent and an ARB fridge in it and sell it for 30K.

I am exaggerating/kidding of course. I have no plans for such shenanigans.

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