SOA 62 Rear Driveshaft Vibration

Apr 17, 2003
Another question for ya'll...I have read many archives at LCML to find an answer but want to post anyway.

I am getting a vibration (almost groaning/grinding) from the rear driveline that occurs in between accel and decel, and during coasting...essentially when there is no torsional stress on the driveshaft. When under load, there is no vibration at any speed. The 3rd was overhauled with ARB/4.88 and all new bearings/etc. before the SO.

I have read that it could be 'worn splines', 'worn u-joints', 'worn pinion bearing', etc. Anyone experience this specific behavior? And what was your solution?

Thanks in advance. :beer:
May 30, 2003
did my own spring over and had the same thing.It was the driveshaft not being slipped back onto the splines in the same position it was taken off that did it.Takes a while to sort out,blobs of paint are worth millions here!

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