sm465 reverse interlock plunge/pin

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Apr 27, 2013
The reverse interlock plunge/pin popped out of place. It fell out but the spring is still in place and so is a tinny c-clip on the plunge/pin itself.

Is there anyway I can get it back into place without taking the shift forks out?

Has anyone had this problem? How did you get that pin back in.
I fixed this by pulling out plunge spring as well. Then I put the plunge in the spring took a very long pair of needle nose pliers and after may tries got them both in place by going through the opening where the sifter attaches to the top plate with the pliers.
What are you talking about?

The interlock pins that prevent engaging more than 1 gear at a time are inside the cover and can't be accessed without removing the cover.

Then there is the plunger that you have to press to get the shifter handle nose to engage the R slot. That is a different part and it doesn't interlock anything.

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