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Aug 21, 2011
Dittmer, Mo.

Just a test

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You have NO idea how much I dislike you


Looks great
The frame had so many extra holes in it, I went ahead and fish plated it inside and out. I welded in DOM tubing for the power steering and had to modify the Ford shock mounts. I haven't decided which engine to put in yet, it will have the H55 5 speed with a split case transferand a PTO running the winch.
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Keep it coming
Here's some of the power steering set up.
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I wanted to clean up the firewall, also, so started filling in the holes. I'm going with a vintage air system, so I closed in the blower holes and starting over.

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Thanks Bob,

Yes I build it, getting too old to lay under it and work. It's so much nicer, to be able to stand and scrape! The out side of the body was repainted years ago, but the bottom wasn't touched. I figured while it was all apart, might as well get at it.
I'm working on cleaning up the underside now, alot sand and old undercoating to get off.



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you definitely suck cause you really haven't put up enough pics yet:flipoff2:
You passed the test!

Looks good! Can't wait to see more.
Thanks, that's about where I'm at right now, I work slow. Once, I get the bottom finished, I'll start on the axles. They're FJ60's with 3.70's in them. I want to rebuild with 4.11's and some sort of locker. I don't have alot of parts yet and not even sure what all I need. One step at a time.
Everybody here, has been a great help, just by me reading all the old posts. I'll have alot of questions in the future, so get ready for some dumb ones!
Thanks Everybody, Ron
WOW ramp up the jealosy

Scrapdaddy, you have no idea how cool that all looks. I dream of being able to do some of that work! Thanks for sharing and giving ideas.
How much for the rotisserie when you're done with the project? :)

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