Slee Aux Wiring Harness or Hella Harness

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Jun 14, 2010
Sacramento, CA
I'm lazy and short on time so I haven't searched extensively so please accept my apologies in advance.

I purchased the Slee upgrade harness and aux harness+switch a few months back and installed the upgrade a few weeks ago. Santa brought me a pair of Hella 4000s for the ARB. While I know I have to modify the bumper or fabricate some standoffs for the lights to clear the bumper top bar, I don't know whether or not I need the Hella wiring harness in conjunction with the Slee Aux harness or does the Slee Aux harness replace the need for the Hella harness (part# 148541001)?

Please advise.
You probably want to use the slee aux if you already have the slee upgrade harness installed. It will be slightly easier. I would only run the other harness if you don't want the added protection of turning off the aux lights when your ignition is off.
As I remember the slee aux harness is fairly easy. Plug it into the existing slee harness (either hi or low beam), attach positive to battery, attach ground, run wires to your lights, and hook up the light switch.
I used the Slee harness with my Hellas. Have them hooked up to the low beams with a on/off switch as well.

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